Remove rust from the car - what can you do?

No car is 100% sure of rust. Smaller rust spots can even occur with relatively new vehicles. The cause of flash rust can actually be "flying" rust particles. This is very pronounced near railroad tracks and rails. But other causes are also possible. It is important that you remove the rust on the car as early as possible and completely. How to do it right, you can read here.

Causes of rust formation

As mentioned earlier, the proximity to railways and tracks is a very high risk factor for rust formation on the car. Even where this is not the case, the abrasion of the brakes, and the proximity to other vehicles in the road is also a very common reason for increased flash rust formation.

Therefore, new vehicles should always be checked. There are some areas that are particularly at risk:

  • wheelhouses
  • Doors and sills
  • trunk
  • rear bumper

In addition, each vehicle model has its own special weaknesses. Even the luxury brand Mercedes has in recent years massively with rust vulnerabilities in many models to fight.

Risks with untreated rust

The bare metal of a car body would be affected by massive corrosion within hours. For this reason, many parts of the car body are galvanized. The overlying paint layers form another "protective armor" for the sensitive metal.

However, rust can quickly "eat" through these protective layers - and then forms the gateway for further corrosion, which is stopped by nothing more. If the varnish is penetrated at a small point and the bare metal is reached, the rusting may progress very rapidly.

Prevention of rust

On the surface you can protect the body well by hot wax treatment against rust. In the sub-area of ​​the car, a thoroughly applied underbody protection should be sufficient to keep the rust in check for a long time.

Superficial rust, which has not penetrated through the paint layers, should always be removed as soon as possible with car polish. If he can not remove so no longer, a professional Roststellenbehandlung must be performed. There is already a high risk of greater rust.

Tips & Tricks

Regular checks on all weak spots, regular washing and polishing of the vehicle and the removal of any detected rust are the best ways to prevent the vehicle from rusting.

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