Rust in the car - what you should consider

Rust is one of the most common car problems that can cause the most headaches. Preventive rust protection, rust removal and rust repair are essential for every vehicle. What you should pay attention to, and what tips there are, tells you in detail this post.

Factory protection against rust

The most important protection is the galvanizing of the body panels and the application of the protective paint, which keeps environmental influences away from the metal. Bare metal would rust within hours.

However, the protection is only effective if there is no damage to the lacquer layer and the protective passive layer on the sheets. Such damage can be either mechanical damage that extends below the lacquer layer (scratches or sharp-edged dents). But even chemical agents, such as road salt in winter or environmental toxins can attack the paint and the protective layer and open the way for corrosion.

Particularly vulnerable are cavities in the vehicle where water can hold. Therefore, a sufficient cavity seal is also important, since the sheets of the body can otherwise rust from the inside.

Rust Preventive measures

In order to remove rust on the car, different measures are used:

  • Sanding and repairing small rust spots
  • Mending damaged areas by welding
  • Remove parts of the sheet and weld in new sheets
  • Replacement of body parts (doors, bonnet, boot lid)

Which measure is used always determines the degree of rusting. If visible rust spots are always repaired early, rusting can usually be avoided. This does not apply to the wheel arches. If rust is visible here, rust is already present in most cases.

Often, the cost of professional rust remediation is underestimated. The need to repaint whole parts on the car increases the costs. This also applies if only small damages are repaired.

Wanted rust on the car

"Rostoptik" is with vehicles in. The Rostoptik can be best produced by special paints, which are only applied and activated. They then form a stable, visually uniform rust layer. The rust does not progress further.

Tips & Tricks

When repairing rust spots on the car, you should be absolutely professional and have sufficient expertise. Sloppy rust damage is often the cause of subsequent, far greater damage.

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