Flash on the brake discs - how to remove?

Over time, a superficial rust layer collects on almost every brake disc. That is inevitable. How to get rid of this layer, and what danger can threaten, you can read here.

Rust on the brake disc

As long as the brake disc is not eaten by the rust, the problem is not so great. Flash rust formation is unavoidable, but easy to grind: with every harsher braking, the rust is grinded off the brake disc.

The only problem here is the brake discs at the rear of the vehicle. In modern Bremskraftverteilsystemen it can happen that the vehicle practically never brakes at the rear wheels. Here and now driving with full load helps.

Tips & Tricks

Brake discs do not need to be replaced unless they fall below a certain minimum thickness. The expert can determine that.

Video Board: How to do a Complete Brake Flush and Bleed