Anti-rust in the car - what options are there to protect against rust?

Rust is the biggest concern of most owners. Rust on the car is also dangerous and causes massive destruction in no time. Repairing rust damage is expensive, so it makes sense to exhaust all possibilities to protect yourself from rust. What you can do, read here.

Rust protection ex works

For most modern automobiles, the sheets are galvanized. The zinc layer is a passive corrosion protection. The protective oxide layer over the sheet prevents the metal from coming into contact with rust-inducing substances. For this purpose, the metal is protected by a primer and several layers of paint.

Failure of rust protection

However, this rust protection fails whenever the lacquer layer and the oxide layer are destroyed due to external influences. This can be the case in case of damage, but also if there is rust on the car and begins to penetrate the paint. Also, the effect of permanent moisture - such as insufficiently sealed cavities - can lead to corrosion of the panels from the inside.

The most important causes are:

  • Damage that goes up to the metal (scratches, dents, Streusalzfraß)
  • Flash rust that sets
  • Moisture that can not drain (check cavity protection!)

Additional measures for rust prevention for the car

Underbody protection

Particularly problematic is the subsoil. He is the least protected and exposed to most attacks. A good underbody protection should definitely be part of the precautionary measures. Before and after the winter with the burden of road salt should be renewed after a thorough underbody washing the underbody protection again, and check briefly for possible rust spots. Detected rust should be removed as quickly as possible.

Rust removal

Also, rust can cause great damage if it is not removed. In addition to sealing the varnish with hot wax, the regular removal of flash rust should also be part of the anti-rust measures.

Immediate repair of detected rust spots

Anything that is more than a flash rust should be eliminated immediately. A professional repair of the rust spots in a professional way is in any case advisable. Not all experts give a recommendation for the use of rust converter - the risks are often just too large for the car that the rust is not completely eliminated.

With the costs for the rust removal one must burden oneself in each case - everything else are usually only half measures, which can cause damage later.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, regular car wash is also part of the rust prevention measures. Dirt increases the risk of rust considerably.

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