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Remove the rust: remove

Who wants to remove rust, should first get a picture of the cause. On the one hand, metal begins to rust if the coating is damaged, on the other hand, some iron-containing dusts or rust particles are deposited on various surfaces that are themselves not damaged.

We are bothered by the stains on the beautiful chrome or stainless steel parts. But it is not just about a visual defect caused by the rust. For example, even the "rusted-up" rust particles can attack supposedly stainless VA steel from the outside and lead to pitting.

In addition to some special products, there are also some home remedies to remove flash rust. But be careful, because not everything that circulates on the Internet is really recommended for the material. Especially very sensitive surfaces can sooner or later be damaged if the wrong agent is used.

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  • Remove the rust - car, motorcycle and bicycle
  • Remove rust with home remedies - tips and hints
  • Remove the rust - cutlery
  • Mechanically remove the rust - for less sensitive objects
  • Remove rust - remove rust
  • Remove rust stains

Remove the rust - car, motorcycle and bicycle

Especially in vehicles that are traveling a lot outside in wind and weather, dust quickly settles in the air, which is visible as a rust on the surface - even on the paint. Just as often, the heavily damaged surface coatings are damaged, so that the corrosion of the underlying metal begins.

No matter where the cause is, you should remove the rust. Motorcycles and bicycles often have more chrome parts, where the small brown spots are particularly eye-catching. For all these locations on the mobile pedestals, the trade offers special air remover, as they are also exemplified below in the list of products. These must always be used exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. With the topic "removing rust from chrome" a suitable polish paste for chrome or metals is sufficient and the traces of rust have been removed.

Remove the rust: remove

Sanding worn brakes on metal even settles on aluminum rust, which is difficult to remove.

Remove the rust: remove

Chrome forms a protective layer that prevents rusting. However, if this is damaged, rust forms here as well.

Remove rust with home remedies - tips and hints

  • Remove the rust with cola: Cola contains phosphoric acid, as it is also contained in many of the special cleaners. Quite worth a try. In Cola dipped aluminum foil, with which the rust is rubbed off, beaten successfully for many users. Small parts and cutlery can also be used for some time in cola.
  • Remove rust with vinegar or citric acidHowever, certain alloys are damaged by acetic acid, so it may be better to try using citric acid. This is especially true for fittings. In any case, then rinse well with water and dry.
  • Remove rust with aluminum: With crumpled pieces of aluminum foil, for example, spokes and similar things easily worn by rust can be rubbed off well. A ball of aluminum foil in the dishwasher usually prevents rust on the cutlery.
  • Remove rust with toothpaste: In this home remedy, the rust is virtually ground. But beware, some metals can be matted with toothpaste, which is not desirable in every part.

Remove the rust: remove

Cola, citric acid, aluminum foil and toothpaste are good home remedies.

Remove the rust: cutlery

Rust is removed with special cleaning agents and the surface is polished.

Remove the rust - cutlery

This usually means: removing rust from stainless steel, because that is the most cutlery.

To get it straight away, the rust does occur while rinsing in the machine, but removing flurost in the dishwasher with a cleaner is not possible. If the cutlery has first rust spots, they must first be removed manually.

These are the o.g. Home remedies can be used, but also with glass ceramic cleaner or stainless steel cleaner, the unsightly discoloration can usually be easily eliminated.

Rust rust on the stainless steel cutlery is caused by rusting parts in the dishwasher, from which small rust particles are deposited on the cutlery. These are often screws on handles, less high-quality metal utensils or the like. What obviously rusted should not be in the dishwasher, otherwise you must constantly remove the rust from your stainless steel cutlery.

That alone is not enough, because not everything is visible, which can rust. Many swear by a ball of aluminum foil in the cutlery basket or box as a preventive measure, others buy special products that are also washed in the dishwasher and in the same way to prevent the rust deposit on the cutlery. However, the effectiveness of these products - just like that of aluminum foil - is limited, so everything has to be replaced again and again and rusty parts in the dishwasher are largely avoided.

Remove the rust: remove

Place knife in cola for 15 minutes, rub, rinse and dry.

Remove the rust: rust

Avoid rust - put some aluminum foil in the dishwasher.

Mechanically remove the rust - for less sensitive objects

Rust on tools, gardening tools and other not so sensitive objects, can be removed very well mechanically. For this purpose, for example, steel wool, fine-grained sandpaper or a so-called grinding block with appropriate discs for brushing and polishing is suitable. Of course you can also polish sensitive parts with the polishing pad.

Helpful products for the removal of flash rust

Remove the rust: rust

  • Sonax rust remover
  • Rokitta's Rust Fright
  • Elsterglanz
  • Paint cleaning clay
  • Schleifgummi
  • Rust eraser Polishing stone
  • polishing cloth
  • citric acid
  • Sandpaper 1000er
  • Ako pads
  • Doppelschleifer
  • to brush
  • buff

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Remove rust - remove rust

Apart from the precious rust, which is to be seen preferably with garden decoration and objects, rust does not find itself a large fan base. Anyone who wants to preserve his belongings from metal must remove the rust that has formed and prevent new rusting. How to do this can be found here. Remove rust - remove rust

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Remove rust stains

Rust spots appear almost out of nowhere. Unfortunately, they do not disappear just as easily. How to remove rust stains, depending on the location where they occur, can be found in this Rust Removal Guide. Remove rust stains

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