Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment

Rust removal of small metal parts

Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment: treatment

Hinges, screws, nuts, chains or rusty tools - if such Small parts of metal attacked by rust they are not functional anymore.

The HAMMERITE Rust Remover Dipping Concentrate quickly helps.

They remove loose rust particles simply with the wire brush and then put that rusty metal part for 12 to 24 hours in the dip, Since it is a concentrate, you can dilute it up to the ratio 1: 9 with water.

Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment: removal

After the dip, simply rinse the metal parts with clear water. If the rust has not yet dissolved in some places, help with a wire brush or put the Add to the dip for another 12 to 24 hours.

After this Rinse off the metal z. With fat protect from rust again.

Rust removal of large metal parts

Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment: rust

Not all parts are suitable for a de-icing bath, Fixed larger items should be treated with HAMMERITE Rust Remover Force Gel instead.

The practical gel is drip-free and therefore suitable even for uses that must be performed over head, Apply HAMMERITE Rust Remover Force Gel with a thick brush and let it work for about an hour.

Then wash the gel and the remove rust and wipe with a cloth to. Remaining rust spots treat again.

Easy and good

Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment: parts

Sometimes beauty is secondary. The main thing, that Metal is protected and existing rust spots do not spread further. HAMMERITE offers two special products for this purpose.

The HAMMERITE rust blocker forms a highly effective Rust barrier on stainless or stain rusty Metal surfaces, but also directly on rust.

First remove rust particles and old coatings with a wire brush, spatula or sandpaper. Fixed old paintings should be sanded, When removing dust and grease, HAMMERITE Metal Cleaner will help you.

Then apply HAMMERITE Rust Blocker. Wait for the first coat for two hours and paint You then again.

Tip:For large surfaces with many rust points, simply apply HAMMERITE Rust Blocker Spray. The rust stops immediately and you get a perfect surface for subsequent coats

Mending small rust spots

Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment: treatment

Not always is a metal part evenly affected by rust. Often are only small parts damaged and the rest does not need to be treated.

HAMMERITE Rust Converter stops rust development at lightning speed and turns rusty spots into solid and paintable surfaces.

Especially for the treatment of small rust spots, the HAMMERITE rust converter has a mini brush in the container lid in the brush bottle. This can also be done reach hard to reach places of rust.

When handling HAMMERITE Rust Transducers, make sure you really handle all the spots.

For that you have to Loose rust particles are to be removed completely beforehand, Carefully coat all recesses, edges and angles. So you can be sure that the rust does not spread below the surface.

Rust removal of moving parts

Rust removal - small parts - rust treatment: rust

Especially on vehicles rust is a big problem. Everyone knows that On and off rusting, e.g. of wheel nuts, wheels, springs etc.

Targeted rust protection is required here, preferably with the HAMMERITE Rust Solvent Spray. This is suitable as

  • Rust Remover
  • Rust protection
  • lubricant
  • Contact spray
  • Teilereiniger

HAMMERITE rust-dissolving-spray creeps even into the smallest cracks and acts thereby also in hard-to-reach places.

It also has one Water repellent function, On and in castles rust often damages. HAMMERITE rust remover spray also helps here.

First spray the lock from different directions. If the closing process does not work immediately after a short reaction time, repeat the procedure several times if necessary.

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