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  • Rust Remover was developed to soften and remove iron dust that settles on surfaces (such as on the paintwork of the car or motorcycle) and especially visually disturbing rust marks.
  • The rust rust remover is available either as a spray that can be applied over a large area and comfortably, or as a gel that can be polished on a more selective basis. It then dissolves the rust dust, but it must be used several times in succession.
  • Rust remover is ineffective against true rust because it does not alter the metal structure (as rust converters do), nor does it seal sensitive areas against future rust.

Flash rust remover comparison 2018: rust

Imagine the following scenario: Two days ago you drove your car into the car wash and left it clean and dry in the parking lot, and two days later the paint was covered with red speckled rust spots. "Can not be?", You think. True, that it is real rust is unlikely. Flash rust is a much closer term.

Rust on car paint is first a disturbing view. But to alleviate your horror: rust rust remover is cheap and will cope with the stains quickly. It is applied to the surface and then chemically contributes to the cleaning. How to use the remedy and what criteria you should still be looking for in your search for your personal Remover Test winner is explained in the purchase guide for our Blizzard Remover Comparison 2018.

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1. Flash rust disturbs the appearance, but damages less than real rust

Rusting revenue

In developed countries, corrosion damage and associated repair work, according to a 2009 study, is so costly that it is estimated three percent of the gross domestic product make it a real economic factor (Source: World Corrosion Organization).

Rust occurs when iron or metal comes in contact with water and oxygen. Oxidation is the result, which can also be caused by high humidity. The iron structures become porous over time and lose their stability, The rust eats into the material until the decomposition has completely taken place.

In a far less dramatic category of types falls the well-known as rust dust or iron dust rust. It is mainly produced near factories where metal and steel are processed or where trains travel over iron rails, The fine abrasion that results is so light that it can be carried by the wind for many kilometers and then settle on your car as a reddish shimmering rust layer. He also likes to get stuck on surfaces that have not been primed and treated with clear lacquer.

Flash rust remover comparison 2018: 2018

If the rust has already eaten into the material, the rust remover is useless.

He does not act as aggressively against your car as real rust, but he can cause rust stains that stick quite persistently on the surface. In order to be able to remove the flash rust, the rust rust remover discussed here was invented and several manufacturers or brands offer it. It is available as a spray, which allows a comfortable, large-area application and also spares you to polish it on the varnish with some vigorous effort.

If you are not afraid of it, you can buy a rust remover that comes along as a gel. By rubbing it in, it can effectively remove rustbecause in addition to the chemical effect also helps the mechanical friction.

To make an impact: For the anti-rust remover application is to say that it is not a miracle cure that eliminates even with a single application all traces. Especially when rust on the car has been sticking for some time, the best rust remover must be applied several times to completely remove the dust, Then wipe it off with a cloth and see what's left. The repeated application can consume a bottle partly quickly, but since the agent is not in daily use, the money is well invested.

2. Alternatives in the fight against the rust

A rust remover can not pass the test against real rust. If you do not just have to fight rusty dust but use genuine corrosion protection, fortunately there are other ways to fight back. We explain the appropriate means:


rust converter

Flash rust remover comparison 2018: rust

If metal parts are already corroding, home remedies will no longer help to contain it. An exciting invention is the rust converter, also called rust converter. It can stop rusting by chemically altering the structure of the increasingly porous metal by the contained phosphoric acid.

The resulting iron phosphate is stable and is also protected by the corrosion protection also contained in the rust converter before further rusting. But it is clear that the metal can not be restored to its original state.


Flash rust remover comparison 2018: remover

To protect metal from decomposition, there are various forms of rust inhibitors. They can be applied to surfaces as a varnish, oil, paint or silicone spray and form a protective shielding layer.

This prevents the rust from getting into the material. But that is only effective if no rust has arisen yet. However, if the metal is in an environment of persistent moisture, corrosion is only a matter of time and only stainless steel is robust enough.

Play dough, cola, vinegar: If you want to remove rust from brake discs, a true rust remover is certainly the most expert of choice. You can support the effect by first "braked" the grate there, so do some preliminary work with mechanical rubbing by pressing the brakes. However, if you have smaller objects (such as screws and nails) or surfaces that seem atypical for rust (such as concrete or stone), alternatives can also help. Cola or acetic acids Although they can not remove the rust on the bicycle so effectively, they are easier to handle when in doubt. In addition, will Special cleaning dough offered by specialized dealersto polish off the rust dust. The Stiftung Warentest - even without a rust remover test - advises in case of flash rust on the cutlery also to polish with stainless steel cleaner.

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