Seal rust: How to prevent rusting

Rust removal is tedious, time consuming and expensive. Beyond that repairing rust damage in the workshop is also expensive. In many cases, therefore, a way is sought to seal rust instead, and simply prevent the respective part from rusting further. You can find out here which possibilities there are and where their limits lie.

Mode of action of Owatrol oil

The best known and most reliable alternative for sealing rust is Owatrol oil. It is commercially available and widely used. It is a penetrating oil that displaces air and moisture from the grate.

Since both factors are necessary for rust formation, the rust process is thus stopped. Due to its good creeping properties, Owatrol oil penetrates all rust pores to the bottom of the rust.

Home remedies, such as linseed oil, work less well. If you want to conserve rust, Owatrol oil is certainly the best alternative.

Other applications

Owatrol can also be added as an additive to paints, primers and paints to prevent rusting when painted over. This should be careful in any case, especially in vehicles.

Limits of effect

Especially with the car, the use of Owatrol is not always recommended. Rust spots should be repaired in any case. The actual cause of the rust must be sought and combated. An application of rust preservation instead of mending may also have very negative consequences:

  • The oil treatment is not repeated regularly and thoroughly - the rust continues
  • peeling rust can settle in other places as a rust, and there cause new rust nests
  • the cause of the rust is moisture from the inside (for example, if the cavity protection is insufficient). A sealing of the rust from the outside is thus ineffective. A rusting can not be prevented.

The treatment with Owatrol oil does not always work 100%, and not completely permanent. It is as unsuitable as a real solution as the sole use of rust converter.

The repair and complete removal of rust is and remains the only permanent solution to rust problems. Especially in vehicles.

Tips & Tricks

For the vintage look of items, it can make sense to regularly oil with Owatrol, and thus preserve the rust look for all time. In vehicles, it is better to first rust, and then used deco varnish or foliation.

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