Remove rust stains on concrete

Rust stains on concrete have emerged quickly, especially outdoors. In most cases, they can be easily removed with light to medium-strength acids. For sensitive cast stone there are acid-free special cleaners. If reinforcing parts projecting from the concrete are the cause of the rust, a subsequent sealing is recommended.

Sealing rust causes

Concrete is a relatively robust building material and can be better cleaned of rust than removing rust marks on flagstones. Almost all types of concrete tolerate acidic cleaning agents. If the cause of rusting is recurring, for example, through exposed steel reinforcements, a special sealant should slow or stop the corrosion.

At the achievable reinforcements, the removal of the rust stains must be done as far as possible without residue. Bare metal surfaces can be sealed with protective corrosion aids.

Decorative concrete or natural stone

If the building material of an outdoor floor covering is not unequivocally certain, a specialist should examine the floor or a sample. Some particularly well-designed types of concrete have structures and textures that are very similar to those of natural stone. Before removing rust stains on the terrace, a reliable material determination should be available. Natural rock reacts very sensitively to the use of acids to remove rust spots.

How to remove rust stains from concrete

  • water
  • Lemon juice or acid
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
  • Cola (phosphoric acid)
  • vinegar
  • trisodium phosphate
  • Oxalic acid-containing cleaner
  • Scrubber or brush with hard bristles

1. Mix washing water

Ideally, increase the acidity of your wash water. First you can try it with the addition of lemon juice or ascorbic acid in the ratio of one to ten. Depending on the result, you can increase the mixing ratio to half to half. Cola should only be used on dark concrete surfaces, which you can also apply on its own. When mixing with trisodium phosphate, vinegar essence or oxalic acid, remember acid-proof gloves and, if necessary, respiratory protection.

2. Apply detergent

You can distribute the mixed wash water evenly with a scrubber or a brush. Individual stains can be treated with the concentrate of the excipient used in the washing water. Do not mix acidic substances, as they may produce unwanted chemical reactions.

3. Change cleaning agent

If you do not achieve the desired results in the first attempt, even with an increase in dose, rinse the concrete completely clean before using any other means.

Tips & Tricks

If you have sensitive cast stone, where acids could cause any visual impairments, you can get specialized cleaner in the specialized trade. The acid-free rust converters with organic sulfur compounds or acid surfactant solution protect your concrete surfaces.

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