Stop rust - how can you do that?

Many swear that rust can be stopped by regular treatment with certain remedies. Whether this is true, which means are suitable and how well they work, explained in detail this post. Find out why rust removal is always better than rust preservation.

Means for preventing rusting

Just as little as one can prevent corrosion one hundred percent, but only slow it down, this is also with rusting. One can only inactivate existing rust limited. Under certain circumstances, however, it can be slowed down significantly in its progression.

An exception are of course rust converter. They actually convert the rust into stable metallic compounds. However, rust itself can only be deactivated in a limited way.


Owatrol is an agent that effectively prevents rusting. The rust is stabilized over long periods of time without spreading further. This effect can also be used to preserve rust if desired.

Rusted objects retain their "vintage look" without the metal surfaces being further decomposed by the rust. In many cases this is desired. It would be better, however, to produce the desired rust-look on objects by a harmless effect color. It will not be necessary to rework with Owatrol.

home remedies

In addition to the commercially available Owatrol oil, numerous home remedies are also available for preserving rust:

  • castor oil
  • various fats
  • different waxes, underbody protection, and the like

Effectiveness of rust stabilization

Limited effectiveness is also given by the home remedies. As long as moisture is completely removed from the grate, and if possible also oxygen is kept away from the rust stains, the grate is braked.

Especially at the car you should not get involved in such experiments. Sheet metal is rusted through very quickly, and then only helps generous cutting out.

It is therefore best to immediately sand off small rust spots completely, treat them with a rust converter, prime and paint. Cavities must always be completely sealed, otherwise the trapped moisture can rust the sheets from the inside out. Particularly vulnerable are the wheel arches here.

Tips & Tricks

The cost of a professional rust removal in the car are not exactly low - but usually necessary, if you do not want to constantly rework yourself and risk subsequent heavy rust damage.

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