Rusted brake discs - is that dangerous, and what can you do?

Brake discs and brake pads can quickly start rusting. Rusty brake discs are also criticized by the TÜV. What problems are caused by rusted brake discs, we explain in this post. In addition, this article tells you how to get rid of the rust on the brake discs and how to avoid rusting.

Complaint at the TÜV

When checking the car, the brake discs do not have to be rust-proof. Only the so-called contact pattern must be in order. The contact pattern is the brake disc surface when viewed from the front. Here there may be individual rust spots or rust streaks, but the surface must not be covered with rust throughout.

With a contact pattern that has more than just a slight rust formation, brake discs and brake pads must be replaced. There is a certain period for repair - usually one month.

Safety problems due to rusted brake discs

The biggest risk is that the braking effect will be uneven due to deep rust scars. As a result, the vehicle can pull to one side during heavy braking, possibly even tearing or skidding. At a full braking that is problematic.

If the brake disc falls below the required minimum thickness as a result of rusting, the brake disc may break. On the side of the broken brake disc then no more braking effect is present and the vehicle can come into skidding.

Remove the rust

Especially for vehicles that are regularly longer time, the brake discs should be freed as often as possible. The best way to do this is to drive as briskly as possible over a short distance. Some stronger braking will remove the rust from the brake disc.

You can not prevent the formation of flash rust. After a wash or a ride on the rain, the brake discs begin to rust within an hour. This is normal and can not be avoided.

Turn off the brake discs

To not have to renew the brake discs immediately, you can also turn it off on a lathe. As long as the required minimum thickness is maintained, there is nothing wrong with the turning off. The brake discs can be used for a while before you have to replace them permanently.

Tips & Tricks

Turning off the brake discs is often offered by companies at low cost. A replacement of the brake pads is recommended after twisting. For most vehicles, the material price for the brake pads is also very low.

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