Saddle roof - modern and cool

Even the traditional, solid saddle roof can be quite modern and cool today. For this you can either incorporate some stylish aspects during the planning, or make minor changes from the roofer during a conversion.

Play with the optics

A modern impression can be created with a saddle roof by a missing roof overhang. This then includes an inside gutter that optically does not matter.

This form of gable roof is often used on architect houses, because the clean lines, a minimalist building effect still support.

Saddle roof - modern and cool: roof

If the roof overhang is completely lacking both on the gables and on the side walls, the view is directed quite differently than in a house with a roof overhang that is becoming more and more traditional.

Color play in muted tones

Houses with a modern pitched roof can also be crisp and colorful. But this should always be a game of cool tones in gray or white. Especially the modern saddle roof is usually in gray or anthracite.

The roofing makes the modern roof

A very sleek modern tile has been on the market for some time, creating a completely smooth surface on the roof. Also a cool and modern impression makes the saddle roof, if a metal roofing is used.

Development plan and modern saddle roof

In some new construction areas, the development plans are very narrow. Here, both the color of the house or the roof and the roof overhang can be written down.

If you want to build something really exceptional and modern, you should pay attention to how tight the development plan was before the property was purchased.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to go all out, but still want to create a modern impression on your pitched roof, a square gutter with square downpipes will help. You should also choose gray shades for roofing and gutter to create the minimalist, modern look.

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