Safe carnival celebration - Hot carnival: non-combustible carnival decorations

Hot carnival - With flammable carnival decorations, parties can quickly degenerate into fire disasters!

Safe carnival celebration - Hot carnival: non-combustible carnival decorations: celebration

When carnival is about to culminate in the Fire protection experts of the BVS fire prevention office for Upper Austria again the alarm bells. Households continue to be decorated for the most part with flammable paper snakes, garlands and lanterns.

In part, this even applies to restaurants and ballrooms, where - mostly out of ignorance - instead of the legally prescribed B1 materials untreated and therefore flammable decorations are used. In such cases already sufficient short contact with a candle or lighter's flamein order to set the party or event room in full burn in no time.

"The danger lies in the combination flammable decorations, the variety ignition sources and the carnival's exuberance of party guests, "explains Dr. Arthur Eisenbeiss, Director of BVSBrandverhungsungsstelle für OÖ. "The large amount of flammable paper queues or garlands scattered all over the room can spread a small source of fire in no time at all!"

Also dangerous: sprays, wigs and some costumes

The risk of fire is aggravated by the frequent handling of table fireworks, spray snakes, glitter sprays and similar joke items. "Again, too close to a candle flame and the misfortune takes its course," said Eisenbeiss. "If flammable carnival costumes - such as cotton wool or hemp - catch fire, the catastrophe is perfect." The fire expert therefore recommends the carnival with its balls, parties and gala events enjoy following the safety tips below:

Safety tips for carnival celebrations

  • Use only non-flammable or at least slightly flammable materials (B1). To make your decoration material difficult to burn afterwards, you can either use it with water glass or another, commercially available flame retardants impregnate.
  • The flame-retardant decorations must be from fireplaces, smoke pipes and other heat sources at least 50 cm be removed and should in no case be mounted above the heat sources. Avoid decorating your lighting fixtures, appliances, etc. Radiant heat or heat build-up can easily cause a fire.
  • For security reasons, you should turn on open candle flames - especially in lanterns and in the vicinity of decorative materials - without.
  • Protect yourself: Again and again there are serious and sometimes fatal accidents, because carnival costumes made of flammable substances - for fun or unintentional - are lit. Use therefore no costumes made of flammable fabrics!
  • Be sure to keep that escape routes free!

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