Safe comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the safe comparison or test 2018

  • Safes are available in a variety of designs: various sizes, wall thicknesses, security levels and installation options are available.
  • In addition, in private use, there is the distinction between the key safe and the keylock safe.
  • Most safes specialize in backing up certain content such as valuables, documents, media or even weapons.

Safe comparison 2018: comparison

Almost everyone has valuables and meaningful personal belongings at home, the loss of which he or she would find difficult to cope with. Be it cash, jewelry, the family album or a personal souvenir of another person - Some things just can not be lost, Unfortunately, the danger of this happening is nonetheless still present: since 2008, the number of burglaries in Germany has risen every year; in 2015, there were already 167,000 burglaries (Source: Federal Criminal Police Office).

So that you can still feel safe, we have carried out our vault comparison 2018, in which we provide you with all important information about safes in addition to our vault comparison winner. With our purchase advice Easily find your own personal safe winner.

1. Which safe types are there? Find the best safe for every requirement

First, we'll look at the different types of vault that are available for your own home. For this we have once more highlighted the five most important types of safe. Take the safe test and find the right model for your needs.

Safe-Typeespecially suitable forparticularity

Safe comparison 2018: comparison

  • Cash
  • valuables
  • drugs
  • compact all-rounder
  • relatively easy to stow / attach
  • Little storage space and often not the highest security level: Not suitable for larger or particularly valuable items
wall safe

Safe comparison 2018: comparison

  • Cash
  • valuables
  • Documents
  • Installation consuming and worthwhile only in homes
  • extremely space-saving
  • behind pictures or furniture not so easy to find
  • Wall safe more difficult to remove from the lock
  • not suitable for larger items
Furniture Safe

Safe comparison 2018: comparison

  • Cash
  • valuables
  • Documents
  • Furniture safe can be installed because of its size, for example. In the closet
  • well hidden and takes up little space
  • less safe than ordinary safes or wall safes, as they are often smaller and lighter
  • therefore not suitable for larger or particularly valuable items
data safe

Safe comparison 2018: vault

  • Data carriers such as CDs, memory cards, USB sticks
  • bank statements
  • Documents
  • particularly well protected against moisture and fire
  • relatively difficult: difficult to steal and crack, but more difficult to place
  • not suitable for larger items
gun cabinet

Safe comparison 2018: 2018

  • Weapons, especially firearms
  • arms ammunition
  • Design and holding devices of the weapon safe optimally tailored to (larger) firearms
  • Also usable for other larger items
  • At the same time, it can always be used as a munitions cabinet

Tip: Of course, the different safes can often be used for other items, but then not always the highest possible protection is guaranteed. Therefore, we recommend that you buy according to the valuables to be stored and the right safe.

Apart from that, it is important to clarify the question of faith in vaults: keys or electronic combination lock? Although a key safe can also score with strengths, such as its robustness, its uncomplicated operation and the independence of electricity, Nevertheless, we recommend rather an electronic combination lock, In order to substantiate this purchase recommendation, we present below the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic combination lock compared to the key safe.

  • Keyhole omitted: no attack surface
  • Key does not have to be hidden
  • Key Safe often induces burglars to seek vandalism when searching for the key - high property damage occurs
  • can be networked with alarm system
  • often including emergency key, in case the number combination was forgotten
  • Batteries must be replaced occasionally
  • less high quality models may cause electronic interference

Safe comparison 2018: 2018

Typical input field for a combination lock safe.

2. Purchase criteria for safes

Of course, the individual vault types are pretty rough. Not always it is cash, a disk or valuable jewelry that should be stored in safety. And so the best money safe, the largest security cabinet or the best wall safes may miss the target.

Therefore, it is important that you know which features you need, Based on the most important purchase criteria, you can carry out your personal safe test and find out which safe is the perfect one for you. We help you by introducing these criteria and explaining what matters.

2.1. Dimensions

Safe comparison 2018: comparison

Security cabinet worth more than 15,000 euros.

The most basic question is probably the dimensions. Two factors play a decisive role here: What is the size of the items to be stowed and how much space is available to store the safe?

For many, a small safe or a mini safe is enough to stash money or jewelery. Here is mainly on the deterrent effect set.

Even a small safe or money safe can be the perfect safe for the home. Others are looking for a safe place for their files or bulky items. Here would be a safe or safe the better solution.

That says the Stiftung Warentest: In 2016, Stiftung Warentest published a report about the vault test of its partner organization Saldo. Small safes were tested, and it was found that nine out of twelve safes had to be cracked within a few minutes. The vault test winner was able to withstand 45 minutes. So, consider how valuable your safe content is and whether a small vault is appropriate.

2.2. Weight and material thickness

Whether safe with combination lock or key safe: If you buy a safe, this should protect your most valuable possession. This succeeds primarily with thick walls, a thick vault door and a high weight.

Safe comparison 2018: vault

The thicker the material, the heavier both the vault and the cracking of the same.

The heavier the vault, the harder it is to steal it and the stronger the walls and the door usually are at the same time. At the same time, you make life difficult in the truest sense of the word, because a high weight can not be placed everywhere and can not easily be ranked.

Here, you should weigh how valuable your vault content is and what the purpose of the vault should be. If it tends to deter you and make it a little harder for the thieves, you can buy a lighter safe in favor of positioning and affordability.

For maximum protection, on the other hand, it is recommended to use a safe that is as heavy as possible (for example 200-300 kg).Moreover, it is optimally installed in the wall. However, such a heavyweight is worthwhile only if the valuables stored in it are also valuable. Even safes with 20-30 kg make it difficult for thieves to steal the safes - especially if they are also hidden and fixed, for example, in the wall.

If you have your vault installed, there are additional costs. Here a specialist should be on the job, so that a clean and safe result is achieved.

2.3. Fire protection

So high is the risk

According to a statistics of the Berlin fire department, more than 7,000 firefighting firefighting operations took place in the capital in 2015 alone. That translates into just under 20 missions per day.

In addition to the risk of burglary, there are of course other factors that can threaten your valuable possessions. First and foremost, this includes the risk of a house fire, If you want to protect yourself from this threat, your safe should be fireproof.

Although a fireproof safe can not withstand any fire indefinitely, it increases the chance of protecting at least the most important belongings. A fireproof vault, also called fire protection vault, can withstand temperatures of up to 170° Celsius.

Safe comparison 2018: vault

The wall vault can be hidden well - for example behind a picture.

3. Questions and answers about the subject of safe

3.1. How do I crack a vault?

Safe comparison 2018: 2018

Never keep keys near the tavern.

Since we are concerned with the safety of your valuables, we do not want to give any indication as to how a safe can break out.

Some manufacturers and brands provide the safe with combination lock with a Emergency key that allows you to open the vault without causing damage.

This is also a starting point for thieves to break the vault.

By the way: You can change the vault code to make it easier to remember. However, if you change the vault combination, you should not choose an all-too-easy-to-guess combination of numbers to avoid making it easy for the burglars to do.

3.2. How much is a safe?

A particularly favorable safe can already be purchased from about 15 euros, Of course, it should be noted that these prices are not the safest safes. Of course, if the content does not have the highest value, such a safe can already have a sufficient and above all deterrent effect.

You can expect a much higher level of protection at prices between 60 and 200 euros.

At the top there are almost no limits: Thus, safes can cost several thousand euros.

3.3. How can I install my vault?

Safe comparison 2018: 2018

A furniture safe in a closet.

This initially depends on whether it is fixed in a piece of furniture, in the wall or only on the outside of the wall or on the floor.

In order to install the vault, many models have pre-drilled holes on which appropriate screws can be mounted. The screws should be as thick as possible and screwed only with dowels.

In the case of wall safes, it is advisable to have the work done by a specialist so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the wall.

3.4. Which safe security levels are there?

The security levels for the vault and the weapon cabinet according to VDMA (German Engineering Federation) are levels A and B and offer easy or limited burglary protection. The Insurance cover is capped here usually at around 2,500 euros.

Safes and safes according to VdS (Confidence through Safety Loss Prevention) are divided into nine categories. The insurance cover starts here with a maximum of 5,000 euros, at the seventh highest level, it is a maximum of 400,000 euros. It can and must be discussed individually.

Danger: The values ​​given here are approximate maximum values ​​and apply exclusively for private use. The maximum insurance amounts for commercial use are usually much lower.

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