Safe: Defective electronic lock - what to do?

If the vault obviously has a broken electronic lock, good advice is often expensive. After all, safes are built to not be otherwise open. Find out what options can be remedied and what else can be done in this article.

Operation of an electronic lock

Basically, the externally visible part, the control panel is "stupid". It just picks up the keystrokes and forwards them to the inside, where the protected control unit sits. This control unit is protected accordingly, so that nothing can happen.

Low battery

In some cases, an electronic lock can simply fail because the batteries are too weak. This cause is very common and should therefore be considered first.

In addition, you should always use only high-quality batteries - cheap batteries from the supermarket often do not supply enough electricity, so that the electronic lock can work properly. It accepts the code inputs and forwards them, but then does not unlock because the battery power is too weak for it.

Cheap safes

For a private person, safes always seem expensive at first glance. Unfortunately, "cheap models" at safes often cause problems above average, even with the locks. To avoid this, you should always buy only high-quality safes from well-known manufacturers.

opening services

Nationwide, numerous safe opening services offer your services. If a vault can not be opened, the specialists take care of it. Even with the manufacturer there are - especially in the guarantee case - often a way to let safes open. In some cases, however, you will have to find a solution for:

  • removing the anchorage
  • transporting the safe
  • a new closure solution

Many opening services offer these services at the same time. The opening is often non-destructive, with good Antietern can almost 90% of the safes are actually opened, without causing major damage. The cost of this depends on the type of lock - most opening services have developed their own methods, some of them suitable tools for opening individual lock types.

Depending on the damage, the specialist garage may also replace the electronic lock so that the safe can function again.

Tips & Tricks

In a safe opening with the thermal lance (is performed by some vendors so), the content is then unusable. First, always ask for a "non-destructive opening" and in any case check with various manufacturers.

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