Safe home improvement - avoid home improvement accidents

Safe home improvement with ear plugs, goggles & Co.

Safe home improvement - avoid home improvement accidents: improvement

Mostly it should go fast: painting the living room, laying tiles in the bathroom or building the new kitchen. Here are aGood time, good planning, high-quality tools and material as well as in case of doubt experienced helpers the actual success factors on the way to the newly renovated home.

Time pressure not only damages the material and the result, but in the worst case the do-it-yourselfer: if, for example, due to carelessness or hurry, the kitchen worktop was not properly fixed before sawing. In addition to proper preparation plays in many projects of Osh a major role. Depending on the application, this goes beyond a pair of gloves. The personal protective equipment, also referred to by professionals as PSA, is composed in the classic version of visual, respiratory and hearing protection and is often available as a ready-made set in the hardware store. In addition, there are work gloves and special equipment for special tasks such as welding.

Avoid noise pollution

Not to be underestimated is also the burden on the ears during sawing work. Some circular saws develop a noise level of up to 100 decibels dB (A) and thus damage their hearing more than a jackhammer. Recommended is a Hearing protection from 85 decibels dB (A).

For orientation when buying the indicated on the packaging SNR value in decibels. He describes the general sound insulation. The higher the H, M and L values, the better the sound insulation in the respective frequency range. For sporadic use in renovations usually suffice Silicone, wax, foam or plastic earplugs out.

Anyone who works more frequently with noisy power tools is already worthwhile Earmuffs, As a high-quality alternative earmolds custom-made by the hearing care professional are considered. (see hearing protection).

Sawing and grinding: Wear protective goggles

Safe home improvement - avoid home improvement accidents: improvement

Safety goggles.

Protecting eyes and hands Protective goggles should always be worn when knocking off old tiles and when sawing, so that no ceramic or wood splinters get into the eyes. Important: Working gloves are on the Handkreissäge and at the drilling machine Not recommended, as the material could get caught in the rotating drill attachment or in the saw blade. In other activities - such as grinding - they protect against possible injury from splinters or shavings. "Conventional household gloves, however, are powerless in such cases, provide comprehensive protection only special work gloves," says DIY Academy coach Peter Nettersheim.

Respiratory protection: the right respirator

Safe home improvement - avoid home improvement accidents: home


Even high-performance angle grinders are among the more vocal devices. When removing rust on the balcony railing the experienced handyman therefore does not sacrifice ear protection and also contributes to the protection against flying metal chips or sparks gloves, goggles and a dust mask.

Disposable respirators are made of filter material and have one depending on the model Valve to exhale, The following information helps to select a suitable system: The letters FFP determine the degree of permeability of the mask in classes one to three. For example, experts recommend FFP2 for sanding wood and metal, dealing with insulating and insulating wool or fungi FFP3. When working with solvent-based paints and paints Masks with activated carbon filter the best protection.

Anyone who is unsure whether the respiratory protection is sufficient for their purposes can seek advice from specialist staff in the hardware store.

Safe home improvement - avoid home improvement accidents: safe

Safety cap.

A look at the rest of the clothes is worthwhile. she should comfortable be, but possible close fit and depending on the application not flammable his. Jewelry and watches can be a hindrance when home improvement and belong on the shelf. As an expert in home improvement, DIY Academy trainer Peter Nettersheim particularly points out to his female students the following source of danger: "Long hair can not only obstruct the view, but can get into running machines and wind up there. It is better to tie the hair together.

What else should be considered...

In order to avoid accidents, the exact knowledge is required for all activities perfect condition of the tool important. Power tools and cutting tools should therefore be regularly maintained and checked. Workpieces must be neatly fixed, ladders have a firm footing. Ergonomically shaped hand tools with a non-slip handle also contribute significantly to safe working.

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