Transporting a safe - how does it work?

A large part of their security is due to their heavy weight. This prevents them from being simply taken away and cracked in another place by the burglar. However, the voluntary transport is also considerably more difficult. What to look for, read here.

Transport safes yourself

Most simple safes are already quite heavy for safety reasons. 200 - 300 kg are considered a minimum requirement for a vault for many insurance companies. This is to prevent a vault from being easily taken away by a burglar - although that may well happen even at higher weights. For this reason, safes weighing less than 1,000 kg are usually anchored professionally on walls and floors.

As a rule, you will hardly succeed in transporting the vault itself. Bulky safes with very heavy weights can hardly be safely moved and transported without special devices and tools. Already the loading often causes considerable problems. Plus, it's a major security risk. It is therefore best to hire a specialized transport company.

Transportation of safes

Ordinary forwarding agents often refuse to transport a vault because of their heavy weight and lack of means of transport. As a rule, you will need to turn to a specialized company for most vaults.

Professional hauliers have all sorts of techniques and tools to safely transport a vault and get it to various locations in the house. These include, for example:

  • Special cranes to move a vault to a higher floor
  • special means of transport for stairs (for example staircase robots)
  • special sack trucks that are designed for heavy weight
  • Trucks that can be easily loaded accordingly

Cost of a transport

In a new purchase of a vault, the delivery is usually quite inexpensive. The situation is different when a vault is to be transported to another location. There are differences in the conversion within the house (same address) and a transport to another place with a different address.

Exemplary some costs:

activityPrice approx
Conversion within the house, up to 1,000 kgaround 0.70 cents per kg of safe weight, incl. approx. 45 minutes working time
Conversion within the house from 1,000 kgaround 0.60 cents per kg of safe weight, incl. approx. 45 minutes working time
Minimum flat rates for a changeoveroften from around 100 EUR
Transport to another addressplus hourly rates, usually around 120 - 160 EUR per hour

In individual cases, additional costs may be incurred. Dealers often limit their service to a simultaneous purchase of a vault.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to get more offers and compare the total prices. In individual cases, there can be big differences here. You should know the basic data (dimensions, weight) of your safe.

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