Safety glasses comparison 2018

Purchase advice on goggles comparison or test 2018

  • Protects eyes from damage caused by sparks, flying small parts and UV radiation.
  • Many workers have a right to goggles and quality work clothes.
  • Also wearers of glasses can wear protective goggles over the normal glasses or make safety glasses with prescription.

Safety glasses comparison 2018: 2018

Exciting projects in the chemistry lab are challenging and interesting. Also in medical field or in the fire department no case is the same. Highest concentration is required for the work to succeed.

If you practice a profession or a hobby involving exposure to chemical and biological substances, you should focus on your own Ensure safety at work and wear protective clothing, But even when working with the welding machine and as protection against flying small parts wearing safety goggles is very important.

1. What you need a goggle for

Safety glasses comparison 2018: glasses

Medical personnel should always wear safety glasses when working.

Work glasses are intended to protect the wearer's eyes from infection, mechanical damage, inflammation and burns.

Toxic gases, metal splinters, UV rays or chemicals - the dangers in the working environment can be numerous and should under no circumstances be underestimated.

Anyone working in the medical field and in a laboratory environment should therefore urgently protect their eyes against organic and chemical damage.

Whoever works with welding equipment should never look into the flame without glasses with tinted lenses. It threatens inflammation and permanent damage, Proper workwear is an absolute must at the workplace and is often required by law and standardized.

2. Safety first - work safety in Germany 2018

In Germany, the wearing of protective clothing and goggles is regulated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. So check if you need to wear protective clothing including goggles for your job. Frequently, the employer must provide safe work clothing and inform about correct handling and wearing time.

3. These goggles are there

Whether in the laboratory or on the construction site: When using safety goggles, it is particularly important to choose a suitable model. Chemicals, flying iron filings or ultraviolet radiation can cause serious damage to the eyes.

In addition to the protection are comfort and the discharge of Head and neck muscles are important factors for safety glasses. To help you find the best goggles for your next project, you can compare their requirements with the goggles in your test.

3.1. Goggles species

Whether eyewear, full-frame goggles or welding goggles - we have summarized the most important features so that you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of the respective goggles.

Goggles Artdescription


Safety glasses comparison 2018: 2018

The all-rounder for all laboratory work, firefighting or various sports activities.
  • Comfortable fit thanks to rubber band and padding
  • Encloses the eyes Completed
  • Can be worn over a helmet
  • Suitable as a laboratory goggles


Safety glasses comparison 2018: comparison

As a lightweight version of the full-frame goggles protects the goggles during laboratory work or during leisure.
  • Very easy
  • Comfortable temples
  • With darkened lenses as UVsafety goggles available
  • When Suitable for laboratory glasses
  • Cheape Safety glasses

Welding goggles

Safety glasses comparison 2018: glasses

For work with the welder is a special one Eye protection necessary. A welding goggles provides protection against sparks and extreme brightness and protects the eyes effective.
  • Encloses the eyes Completed
  • Available with strap or rubber band
  • tinted safety goggles
  • Changeable glasses
  • Not for wearing glasses suitable
  • Alternative: welder's shield or welding helmet

3.2. Goggles with prescription in comparison

Safety glasses comparison 2018: comparison

This warning sign indicates the use of laser beams.

If you wear glasses, you can just grab an over-protective goggles and pull them over the usual visual aid.

With frequent use of safety goggles, however, a second pair of glasses can become uncomfortable and annoying in the long term. Eyeglass safety goggles are one for wearers of glasses permanent and practical solution.

Many manufacturers of workwear offer an individual vision correction of the safety glasses. Under the goggles of the company uvex you can choose your personal Goggles test winner find and adapt to your own needs.

3.3. laser glasses

Medical personnel and technicians who work with lasers must wear special laser safety glasses as eye protection. This is similar to a lightweight goggle, but must offer the tints of the discs special protection against laser.

The glasses of laser glasses consist of optical filter glasses or tinted plastic discs. So that the safety glasses provide effective protection in the field test If necessary, glasses must be worn that correspond to the hazard class of the laser used.

Each laser device is assigned to a specific danger class (1-4), which informs about the danger of the laser.

Danger: In a device with hazard class 3 and 4, a laser safety goggles should always be worn.

4. Important purchase criteria for the right safety glasses

If you want to buy safe goggles, it is especially important to pay attention to the details. Check what the work glasses are used for and select the appropriate model based on the following criteria.

4.1. Material and coating

Good safety glasses should always provide a clear view. So that the inside of the working glasses remains fog-free in the test, it is provided with an anti-fog coating. In addition, the outside of a working goggles should have a high quality anti-scratch coating. This enormously increases the lifetime of safety goggles and makes them insensitive to flying small parts and scratches.

4.2. Pay attention to the filter protection level

Safety glasses made of clear glass or plastic usually have the identifier 2-1.2. The 2 stands for protection against harmful UV radiation. The name 1.2. The safety glasses are glasses with tinted lenses and a clear view.

4.3. Eyeglass strap or strap?

Goggles are available with eyeglass strap or lightweight straps. Eyewear has the advantage that it can be easily stowed and are very light. However, one can Strap glasses slip easier or fall off.

So make sure you get the best fit and let the brackets adjust if necessary. Otherwise, you can also go to one Safety glasses with spectacle strap to grab. Safety goggles with eyeglasses have advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh before buying.

  • slipping hard
  • do not fall down
  • All-round safety for the eyes
  • good safety glasses for children
  • can cause unpleasant pressure in the long term
  • difficult to stow

4.4. Pay attention to the UV protection!

Good safety goggles should protect your eyes almost completely from dangerous UV rays, even though they do not have tinted lenses, However, you should always choose a suitable for the respective UV exposure glasses. UV radiation is divided into three categories:

  • Visible rays: 360-780 nm
  • UV-A: 315-380 nm
  • UV-B: 280-315 nm
  • UV-C: 100-280 nm
Tip: Safe safety goggles should protect the eyes up to a UV wavelength of 380 nm. Above 380 nm, the lower portion of visible light should still be filtered out.

Find the best safety goggles by testing them. These brands offer in comparison high quality goggles:

  • uvex
  • 3M
  • Dräger
  • bollé
  • Sperian
  • voltX
  • Wilpeg

5. Questions and answers about goggles

5.1. Why do you have to wear safety goggles when experimenting with alkalis?

Safety glasses comparison 2018: 2018

Well protected, you can easily observe a solar eclipse.

[Alkalis have an extremely corrosive effect on the skin and eyes. Alkalis occur in lime, everyday cleaning products or laboratory environments. If the eyes burn, acute pain and lid cramps occur on.

The eye should be rinsed out immediately and the person should seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid further consequential damage.

So that it does not come at all to injuries of the eye, should be worn when working with lye always safety goggles.

5.2. Which safety glasses are suitable for flexing?

When working with the angle grinder, also called Flex, special care is required. By working with the Flex glowing hot sparks fly around, which can burn the cornea.

That is why it is important to wear safety goggles when sanding with the Flex. Make sure that the glasses completely surround your eyes even at the edges. Also, consider the Protect safety goggles regularly for damage due to heat and replace if necessary.

5.3. Why goggles during a solar eclipse?

solar eclipse
The next total solar eclipse over Germany takes place again in 2081. It's best to see them over Lake Constance.

In normal vision, the lenses of our eyes focus the rays of light from the sun. If we look directly in, the bundling is so strong that our retina can burn. It is best, of course, never to look directly into the sun.

So that you do not miss the rare spectacle of a solar eclipse, you should wear special goggles for the view into the sun. If there is a partial or complete solar eclipse, such glasses can be purchased almost anywhere.

5.4. How long is it allowed to wear safety goggles?

Basically you can wear safety glasses as long as you like. However, if you wear a fixed model with rubber band or very heavy glasses, you should remove the safety glasses when you are no longer needed.

So may eventual Tension prevented become. However, as long as there is a risk of flying sparks or injecting chemicals into the eyes, the goggles should continue to be worn properly.

5.5. What does Stiftung Warentest say about goggles?

Safety glasses comparison 2018: comparison

Depending on the work, the protective clothing should be adjusted.

A comprehensive test on safety eyewear by Stiftung Warentest does not yet exist. In the issue 11/2014 home improvement is recommended when working with wood wearing safety goggles.

6. Think of comprehensive work safety!

If goggles need to be worn for an activity, you should also consider other safety measures in the form of work wear think, Do toxic gases leak in your environment? Could heavy objects fall on feet or head?

The ears should also be protected from strong noise pollution. So check if further safety precautions are necessary. The most common protective measures are:

  • safety shoes
  • gloves
  • ear protection
  • Face protection (welding)
  • Respirator
  • Safety helmet

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