Safety glasses - Eye protection with goggles for DIY and craftsmen

Ophthalmologists advise: Goggles are a must for do-it-yourselfers

Safety glasses - Eye protection with goggles for DIY and craftsmen: craftsmen

Safety glasses from Ultrasonic

Do-it-yourselfers are tireless: they carpenter, renovate and decorate with great care to beautify home and home. A diligent home improvement pays attention to his health as carefully as to the quality of his work. The professional association of ophthalmologists stresses in particular how important the Protection of the eyes is.

safety gogglesare the nuts and bolts of eye protection. med. Georg Eckert Press Spokesman of the Professional Association of Ophthalmologists in Germany. Flying wood or metal shavings, dust or even cement splashes are best used by thesensitive eye surface be kept away.

"Normal glasses or contact lenses do not provide adequate protection" Eckert.

However, a British survey found that89 percent the people who are involved in manual work at home,do not wear goggles, "You have only two eyes," argues Dr. Eckert, "whose health one should not risk carelessly".

At thePurchase of safety glasses you should look at the labelingDIN EN 166 respect, think highly of. Thesafety goggles usually consist ofplasticand close around the eyes tightly down to defined vents.

What to do if foreign objects get in the eye?

Safety glasses - Eye protection with goggles for DIY and craftsmen: protection

Safety glasses 3M classic

If an eye gets hurt at work, Dr. Eckert first to prudence.Under no circumstances should one rub on the eye or try to remove foreign bodies themselves, An ophthalmologist should assess the injury, as the extent of the damage is often over- or underestimated by laymen.

So, when working withhammer and chiseltinyForeign body in the eye arrive, which are hardly noticed at first. "Many patients go, if the eye turns red, first to the family doctor, who then because of a vsupposed conjunctivitis treated, "Dr. Eckert observes. "It can then come in the episode to an inflammation of the eye, which leads to the loss of the eye in the worst case. Only on his special microscope, the slit lamp"The ophthalmologist can recognize the foreign bodies."

In case of burns, rinse eye immediately: Eye Wash Station

Devices corrosive substancesto the eye surface, then quick help is necessary: ​​Corrosive liquids shouldrinsed out of the eyebecome.

Experienced do-it-yourselfers therefore have one sterile rinse solution, which can be gotten in pharmacies, at hand. For the workshop is also oneAugespülstation useful, which you can attach to the wall. If this is not available, you can tap into tap water, even cola or beer, if there is nothing else.

Then it is said, in the fastest way oneophthalmologist seek the treatment of the eye continues.

(Source: jprautz, professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany e.V.,

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