Safety shoes: From steel caps and rubber soles

Safety shoes: From steel caps and rubber soles: steel

Safety shoes (Photo: Wikipedia, Francis Flinch).

safety shoes, or also called work shoes, are mandatory in many service-providing and processing companies, because around 20 percent all accidents at work affect the foot. For example, workers in construction or industry are never allowed to stamp the time clock without special shoes. Also in landscaping, the THW or the fire department are shoes with protective cap made of aluminum, steel or titanium for the protection of the toes and special slip-resistant soles on the agenda.

The danger from extreme heat or cold (thermal hazard), falling heavy objects (mechanical hazards), acids, alkalis or toxins (chemical hazard) is just too big. Because at the construction you can quickly kick a nail or a shard in the foot. Since the right shoe is worth gold.

Even cooks do not get around it: Also in the kitchen one runs on antistatic soles. And that is why you as a (hobby) do-it-yourselfers should protect your feet well from dangers.

Video Board: Removing the steel toe of a work shoe