Saltwater Aquarium - Care and Cleaning

A saltwater aquarium is rather something for advanced aquarists, because here much higher demands are placed on the care. Even the more extensive technique of this aquarium requires more work and care than a normal freshwater aquarium. Among other things, the salt water content must always be set as accurately as possible.

Salinity - regular check

The salinity should be about 3.5 percent. However, this must be kept constant even after a water change or a sudden drop in water. The new water must be passed through a reverse osmosis system before filling. There a demineralization is carried out. Only then can a special salt mixture from the water make the right salt water.

Living stones

The living stones need a steady movement of water, which in any case only makes the right sea water touch. So there must be a flow pump in the saltwater pool. This also helps the protein skimmer in his filter work. These additional pumps not only have to be precisely set, they must also be cleaned regularly.

Watch heat in the pool

In summer, there is often a problem with too warm water in the saltwater aquarium. Corals and also anemones suffer then. One reason for this, in addition to the warm ambient air, may be the selected pump. A powerhead pump is at the same time a kind of quick filter with the filter wadding. It is reliable, robust and usually cheap. However, since the pump's electrical system is in the water, it heats up the aquarium.

An additional flow pump can be dispensed with if a return pump is selected that is sufficiently powerful. It then simultaneously generates a flow during the water purification. The most expensive variant is the plastic magnetic centrifugal pump, which certainly not every simple aquarist can buy. The electrical system is out of the water here, but the pump is running quite noiselessly, but above all, it does not heat up the water.

  • Power Head Pump
  • Return pump
  • Plastic magnetic centrifugal pump

Tips & Tricks

Basically, a saltwater aquarium can only work properly from a water volume of about 200 liters and provide a real ecological habitat for the residents. For smaller amounts of water, the care is very expensive and the technical equipment is often oversized. As well as the care and the costs are considerably higher, which generates the marine aquarium in the purchase and maintenance. These aspects should be well considered before purchasing.

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