Saltwater Aquarium - Costs and Prices

A saltwater aquarium is a completely different league than a normal freshwater aquarium. Not only does it add significantly more work and maintenance, it also requires a great deal of expertise. By the way, it makes no sense in a saltwater aquarium to start with a small pool, because the care is much easier with a large pool. The prices are very high.

Nano aquarium with salt water

Unfortunately, these very small aquariums can not be operated as saltwater aquariums. Here, the necessary flow would be missing, which must be present through an additional flow pump in the basin. In addition, the living stones that provide part of the filtration do not work in such a small amount of water.

Saltwater aquarium example

But the initial costs are quite substantial. As the prices vary greatly depending on the provider, we have given approximate average prices. You should also keep in mind the monthly costs that will be between 150 and 250 euros for a pool of this size.

It may seem exaggerated to start with a pelvis of this size. But with a saltwater pool, this size is much easier to handle than a small 120-liter tank. Small mistakes are easier forgiven here.

Cost overviewprice
1st basin 800 liters600 EUR
2. Base cabinet Ytong / aerated concrete100 EUR
3rd flow pump600 EUR
4. Protein skimmer800 EUR
5. Living stones1,800 EUR
6. Osmosis plant200 EUR
7. Sea salt for initial filling120 EUR
8. Lighting150 EUR
9. UV system with pump220 EUR
10. Heating110 EUR
total4,700 euros

Fish and corals

In our example above, there are no fish or corals left. These are in addition to the acquisition costs still added. The prices vary depending on the fish species and size. Here are some examples:

  • Clownfish 20 EUR
  • Purple flag perch 30 EUR
  • Rock beauty 60 EUR
  • Andaman's fox face 100 EUR
  • Blue-throated pusher 100 EUR

Tips & Tricks

In a saltwater aquarium, even the smallest errors quickly get into the money. If financial losses of several thousand euros do not hurt you, it is a nice hobby, but it still remains labor intensive. For a beginner, it is not recommended, because not only the own purse suffers from the mistakes, but also the animals.

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