Set up saltwater aquarium - important tips

Many aquarists find a seawater pool or a saltwater aquarium much more interesting than a conventional freshwater aquarium because of the vibrant colors of fish and plants. But this aquarium also has a very different level of difficulty and is a very big task for a beginner, also in terms of cost.

Colourfulness in saltwater pool

Whether fish in salt water, corals or the exciting anemones, everything is colorful and colorful in this basin. But because of the great sensitivity of this small ecosystem, the difficulty level is much higher, not to mention the significantly higher acquisition and maintenance costs.

Complete system or own device

Do not worry, even with a complete system for a saltwater aquarium you can still bring in your personal style. However, the finished system is cheaper than a self-assembled aquarium and above all much easier to handle.

Items of saltwater aquarium

  • glass basin
  • Flooring
  • lighting
  • filter system
  • hydrometer
  • thermometer
  • salt mixture
  • Measuring device for chemicals
  • defoamers
  • plants
  • fishes
  • possibly anemones and corals

Compilation and selection

In a saltwater aquarium, a larger pool is much easier to handle than a smaller pool. Therefore, your pelvis should have about 250 liters of content. Of course, due to the high weight, a corresponding substructure must be available.

Best suited here is a masonry construction, which is covered with a robust strong plate. To set up the aquarium pool tension-free, a thick polystyrene plate is well suited. Inside the pool, a plastic plate helps against damage caused by stones and coral breakage.

measuring equipment

You need both measuring instruments that check the salt water content and a defoamer. These are things that do not occur in a freshwater aquarium. The skimmer removes the pollutants from the salt water and ensures the supply of oxygen. This device must be drained about every other day, depending on the amount of water it is designed for.

Living stones are reef rock from the sea, with which the biological water purification is carried out. They are very expensive though. Between 15 and 20 euros per kilo are needed for the living stones. About ten percent of the water volume should be filled in as living stones.

Illumination of the saltwater aquarium

A strong lighting ensures the prosperity of the underwater flora in the basin. Therefore, either a metal halide lighting HQI or T5 neon tubes should be used. These lights should always be switched on for a while immediately after setting up.

Increase stepwise lighting

In order for the saltwater basin to be properly set up, a special biomass is needed to purify the water. For this one uses living rock, which requires a slowly increasing stronger lighting. From one hour to the beginning, the lighting time should increase to about twelve hours within three weeks.

Tips & Tricks

If you are a complete beginner, it is better to start with a saltwater nano aquarium. However, you can not hold fish in such a pool. But the complete system comes in a set and offers a good exercise for beginners who would like to try a saltwater aquarium. Shrimp and anemones can still be kept in it.

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