Sampling of drinking water - what you have to pay attention to

Proper sampling of drinking water has a significant impact on the accuracy of the analysis and the reliability of the analytical results obtained. What should be considered when sampling, especially where it is about the fight against Legionella, is explained here.

Expertise for samplers

Taking samples from drinking water is a qualified activity in Germany that requires training and accreditation. Especially in the area of ​​legionella testing many freelance samplers work in Germany who have the required approval.

The expertise can be obtained at the German Water Academy in a training. The training costs are around 200 EUR. If you are not an authorized sampler, you must not take any samples for the drinking water examination.

Sampling points for samples

In the area of ​​legionella testing so-called sampling points must be set up for drinking water sampling even before the first test. The sampling stations integrate qualified GWH companies.

Type and number of sampling points depend on the design and dimensioning of the plant. The GWH operation decides where and how many sampling points are to be installed.

The legal requirement is that there must be at least 3 sampling points for the drinking water sample. They must necessarily be representative - that is, present in all those places where stress could possibly be detected.

In practice, this means that at least one test point must be in the region of the flow of the DHW heating system, another in the circulation area and, if possible, several points on the building periphery.

Costs for the establishment of sampling points

The one-time costs for the installation of sampling points always borne by the homeowner. If he is a landlord, he may not transfer the costs to the tenants. He has to carry it himself.

The amount of the costs depends on the type and number of sampling points that are set up. In addition, the costs are always dependent on the operating company and its prices.

Tips & Tricks

The regularly sampled sample should only be performed by certified and approved Legionella approved laboratories.

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