Self-made sandblasting cabin - a brief guide

Anyone who procures a sandblasting machine and wants to sandblast himself does not get around a sandblasting booth. Outdoor blasting is not only dangerous but also reduces the effect of sandblasting. How to build a sandblasting booth yourself, what you have to pay attention to in the construction, and which materials are suitable, you can read here.

Important functional parts of the sand blasting cabin

The entire cabin must be robust, resistant and completely dustproof. It must be sized in size so that all the parts you want to sandblast completely fit. If you want to sandblast sheet metal parts from your oldtimer yourself, you have to dimension the cabin accordingly.

Furthermore, the following parts are important for the cabin:

  • a completely dustproof and lockable door
  • a lens
  • an engagement with attached, sufficiently thick gloves
  • a lighting with a robust, indestructible light source
  • a grid, so that the removal and the blasting material used can fall through down
  • a collecting container for the removal and the abrasive
  • an industrial vacuum cleaner with sufficient power to accommodate the material entering the receptacle.


Regardless of the construction manual, you should always use materials that are as robust as possible for a blast cabin. For the exterior of the cabin, you should always use wood with a wall thickness of 20 mm, or even better.

With the lens you have to expect that it will blind very quickly, and not all discs can be installed completely dust-proof. It is best to use a Plexiglas disk and exchangeable attachments.

The gloves should be at least three millimeters thick, or even thicker, especially if you use blast furnace slag as blasting media. But make sure that you have enough mobility when working in the cabin. The gloves should be firmly mounted and also sealed.

Pay attention to the performance of the industrial vacuum cleaner and always dimension the collecting container so that it is as appropriate as possible to the amount of blasting material. The vacuum cleaner must also be able to absorb the actual amount of material and abrasives.

Tips & Tricks

Self-construction - especially of larger cabins - is rarely worthwhile. Especially if you want to sandblast many parts, you often get good prices from many service providers (time required + abrasive consumption). In addition, you save a lot of time, because professional devices work much faster than do-it-yourself sets.

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