Sandblasting gun comparison 2018

Purchase advice for sandblasting gun comparison or test 2018

  • Sandblasting guns must always be used with a compressor. Some models also require a blasting material container.
  • Sandblasting with quartz sand is prohibited in Germany because of the health risks. Alternative blasting agents are sand, slag or glass granules.
  • The working pressure of the compressor should be variable. So you can lower the pressure for finer work, to work more precisely.

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: sandblasting

The IfD Allensbach has found in a long-term study that the interest in home improvement is steadily increasing. Although more respondents said in 2016 that they are hardly or not at all interested, the majority of Germans with almost 33 million people are enthusiastic about this topic. At some point, the leafy paint of the garden fence will catch the eye of a hobbyist or homeowner. To make it shine in fresh colors, the old paint layer must first be removed.

The sanding with sandpaper is a tedious job - the Sandblasting gun removes paint residue or rust in no time, Which types of this device are available, which blasting material is suitable and which materials can be processed, can be found in our Sandblasting Gun Comparison 2018.

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1. For larger areas better a gun with hose

Sandblasting with quartz sand prohibited!

Due to the health hazard sandblasting with quartz sand is prohibited in Germany. The sand causes very fine dust that even a respirator mask can not keep out. These dust deposits in the lungs can cause silicosis (quartz dust). The lungs will become chronically ill and you can absorb less oxygen. In addition, the weakened lung is more susceptible to other diseases.

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: material

The sandblasting gun is used to remove rust, paint residue or stubborn dirt from certain surfaces. Sand is thrown onto the material at high pressure. The coarse grain produces the same effect as a sandpaper: the top surface of the material (rust or paint) is sanded off. To create the pressure, each sandblasting gun needs a compressor.

Unlike a belt sander or sandpaper, using a sandtrailer does not require heavy physical effort. If you need to work on larger surfaces (such as steel beams), we recommend a gun with hoses, because you have more capacity for the blast through the large containers.

By the way, not only normal sand is used as blasting material. Gravel, slag, glass beads and plastic granules can also be used as blasting agents.

However, with the large devices, it is difficult to get into small spaces. For these hidden places, the use of a smaller sand blasting gun with suction container is recommended. Due to the small size you can use the Precisely edit difficult to reach places.

So there are two types of sandblasting gun: with hose and with a suction container, The following table shows you what the two types differ from each other:

Sandblasting gun with hosesSandblasting gun with suction cup

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: comparison

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: 2018

suitable for larger areas

Blasting material container is larger (longer service life possible)

Sandblasting is faster

more accessories necessary (compressor and blasting material container)

difficult to transport

mobile and handy

suitable for small and difficult to reach places

only one hose necessary (for compressed air)

only suitable for smaller jobs

higher time expenditure, since less blasting material in the container

ConclusionIf you need a sandblaster for larger surfaces (such as steel beams, car bodywork), we recommend a blasting gun with hoses. Through the sandblasting container, the amount of blasting sand is higher than the other gun.

2. Purchase advice for sandblasting guns

Before you buy a sandblasting gun, you should be aware that additional equipment is needed. At least the compressor is needed for the unit to be powered. Although Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a sandblasting test, we have filtered out the most important categories from other tests and summarized them for you.

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: comparison

tip: Soda jet guns offer a new gentle process for removing paint, mold and dirt. Soda powder (sodium carbonate) is sprayed onto the surfaces to be processed. Materials such as glass, rubber and plastic are not damaged. In addition, the soda protects against corrosion when applied.

2.1. Pressure and air: high pressure for large areas

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: 2018

In addition to the sandblasting gun, there are other sandblasting machines, such as a sandblast booth.

The best sandblasting gun is no use without a good compressed air compressor. The working pressure of a sandblaster should be between two and eight bar.

Since some materials are more sensitive (e.g., wood) than others (e.g., steel), a compressor is recommended can change the air pressure, So you can easily switch between filigree work and large areas, as for smaller areas a lower pressure is advisable.

With higher air pressure, the abrasive is thrown faster on the surface. The air requirement per minute is about 300 liters for larger areas.

Do you want more Clean smaller surfaces, we recommend an air requirement of about 150 liters per minute.

Note: With a higher air requirement, more blasting material is thrown onto the surface.

2.2. Compressor connection: 1/4 "are standard

When buying a sandblasting gun you should pay attention to the connection for the compressor. It is usually a 1/4 "port that connects the gun to the compressor, but some models also have a 3/8" port. Note that you will need an adapter or a coupling for this connection so that the blasting unit can be connected.

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: comparison

tip: For pistols with a suction cup, pay attention to the volume of the container. If it is too small, you may need to refill the tool more often to finish the job. So a potential sandblasting gun test winner has a larger suction cup or uses a sand container.

2.3. Useful accessories: Fangsack and spare parts

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: material

Pistols with a suction cup are mobile sandblasters and can also be used quickly outside the workshop.

Some sandblasting guns are equipped with a catch bag. The Sandtrahlen with recovery draws that in this Sack the blasting material is collected again after ejection and thus can be used again. This will make sandblasting less dusty and you can save money by buying less abrasive.

Even without a catch bag, you can recover the blasting material. Make sure the floor has been swept before starting work. After the sandblast treatment you can use the Sweep up the sand again and use again.

Some manufacturers supply replacement nozzles with their product. By working with the blasting are the Sandblasting nozzles worn and need to be replacedso that the sandblaster can continue to rust.

Note: Various sand blasting gun tests have shown that models with hoses usually weigh less because they do not have an integrated blasting jar. Note that you have the Always carry the weight of the abrasive when you buy a gun with a suction cup.

Metabo, Güde and Einhell are known for high quality tools. Especially the quality of the manufacturers in the upper price segment can convince. Although cheap sandblasting pistols from the Berlan brand are not completely faultless, they are sufficient for beginners or hobbyists.

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3. Questions and answers about sandblasting guns

3.1. What are the benefits of sandblasting over other rust removers?

Since rust removers are manufactured on a chemical basis, sandblasting does not pollute the environment and does not attack the material. Our guide gives the following Advantages and disadvantages of a sandblasting gun opposite a chemical rust remover.

  • Removes rust, paint, paint and heavy dirt
  • is more environmentally friendly
  • Also suitable for processing very large areas (eg steel beams)
  • can process different materials (wood, steel, plastic, stone, glass)
  • Protective clothing should be worn
  • Accessories necessary

Sandblasting gun comparison 2018: comparison

Sandblasting equipment is operated electrically. If you rent a sandblaster, it is helpful if you have a garden socket.

If you want to use a sandblaster, we recommend Gloves, respiratory protection, safety glasses and ear protection to wear. To prevent the dust from reaching your lungs or eyes. Just when you use the sandblaster in your garage, the dust can settle in many corners. Thoroughly clean the room after sand-grinding or find a windless place in the garden.

If the sandblaster is used in the professional sector, protective suits are always worn as the workers are exposed to the dust for a longer period of time. The suit is worn so that the dust does not settle in the pores of the skin.

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