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  • Sandblasters are mainly used in surface treatment. For example, rust can be removed from metal with it, glass and stainless steel get a new structure and thus a new look.
  • If you would like to treat individual workpieces, a sandblasting booth is usually better than a mobile blasting unit because less dirt and dust is created. A mobile device is especially helpful if you want to handle parts on the moped or car, for example, without having to remove them.
  • Without a compressor, nothing works. For example, to remove the paint or rust from your garden fence, you will need a supercharger sandblaster, as the equipment works reasonably well only with six to eight bar air pressure.

Sandblaster comparison 2018: sandblaster

Sandblasting technology is not only used in the large industrial sector. Also in the hobby DIY sector, a sandblaster with compressor can be of great benefit. Instead of using the angle grinder and brush attachment to remove impurities and rust from the railing or the rose grid, you can use a mobile blasting device faster and easier. Also to remove paint residues from a new coat of paint, such a device is ideal.

What you should pay particular attention to when buying and what types of sandblasting equipment there is, we explain in our sandblaster comparison 2018.

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1. Applications for sandblasting equipment

OBI customers do not home much more often

According to market researchers at VuMA, 17% of OBI customers said they were busy tinkering or home-working once a month. Among the German population it was 15%. This shows that only those who shop in the hardware store do not necessarily have to be passionate handyman.

In general, there are different formulations for the sandblaster: It is often referred to as a sand blower and sandblaster. With these terms, it is referred to as a device which is fired by compressed air a tool made of shot, gravel or glass balls on the top.

As a result, the uppermost layer of the corresponding surface is removed. This means that not only the surface roughened, but also paint, paint, rust or burrs are removed.

Application areas in home use

In the home improvement sector is as abrasive only sand used. The sandblasting machines are suitable both for the processing of wood and for glass. Among other things, these devices can be used to do the following work:

  • Cleaning of vehicle parts (eg on the car or motorcycle)
  • Cleaning of containers (eg rain barrel)
  • Cleaning of facades and masonry
  • Roughening of surfaces as preparation for painting (eg wooden furniture)

Fields of application in industry

In the industry one sets besides sand also on other materialsIn addition to glass granules, blast furnace slag and corundum, CO2 snow pellets, ice crystals, soda or plastic granules are used as blasting agents. Here is an overview of where the technology in the professional field is used everywhere:

  • Cleaning of facades, masonry, trusses
  • Cleaning of large equipment, machines, motors and containers
  • Paint stripping and stripping of steel structures
  • Roughening and cleaning of concrete surfaces
  • Roughening surfaces as preparation for painting
  • Decorative sandblasting (eg for glass)

2. Sandblasting equipment types

Sandblasting equipment is mainly different in its mobility:

Sandblastersmobile sandblaster

Sandblaster comparison 2018: comparison

Sandblaster comparison 2018: equipment

Sandblast booths consist of a work surface surrounded by a box. In order to be able to work in the cabin, two holes are made with working gloves. In the cabin is the attached beach jet gun.

Because the blast cabin is a closed space, outside there is only little dust formation, Furthermore, the blasting agent accumulates, which under certain circumstances can be used again. These sandblasters with recovery are very popular.

Because the blast cabin is not very big, Only small parts can be processed, However, glass can also be prepared without danger here.

enables dust-free treatment of small and medium workpieces

Multiple use of the abrasive possible

easy to use

Only small and medium pieces that are not firmly installed can be processed

The cheap sandblasting equipment should be equipped with a cauldron and a lid containing the tool. Between the bottom and the sandblasting gun, a hose is connected, from which the tool then shoots out with high pressure. Therefore, there is also a compressor connection on the boiler, which makes the high speeds possible in the first place.

First-class specimens are delivered including their own pressure vessel, a water cutter is also included. The pressure vessel ensures a constant pressure, so that can be worked faster. The Water separator absorbs the water from the used gravel or other blasting agents and thus keeps the gun in better shape.

allows fast processing of large areas

high flexibility

easy to use

high dust exposure - Respiratory protection is necessary

Conclusion: Basically, both types only work with the help of a connected compressor. Which type is the best sandblaster for you, you can determine whether you want to be flexible (mobile device), or only small workpieces dust-free edit (sandblast cabin).

Furthermore, there are also sand blasting guns that are coupled with a suction hose. This is connected to a sandblasting agent storage bag so that the gun can fire uninterrupted. Find out more about this topic in our sandblasting gun comparison [year] and the purchase advice available there.

3. Buying a sandblaster: Note the following categories

3.1. Air demand and working pressure

Sandblaster comparison 2018: blasting

Sandpit with integrated sandblasting gun

The working pressure is a very important criterion: Only under high pressure can the highest possible impact be achieved. On average, the sandblasters can generate compressed air between 6 and 8 bar.

For example, if you want to clean only slightly rusty objects and do not roughen surfaces so badly, a device with 6 bars is enough. For stubborn rust and thick layers of paint, we recommend a blasting device between 7.5 to 8 or 8.5 bar.

air requirements

The air requirement must match the compressorIf you do not purchase your sandblaster with the compressor, make sure it can provide the amount of air you need for the sandblaster.

For smaller, lighter applications In the home improvement sector, an air requirement of between 150 and 200 liters per minute is usually sufficient, Professionals who want to clean, for example, large areas and apparatus with the blasting machine, are better served at 400 to 700 liters per minute.

3.2. Hose length and suction function

Sandblaster comparison 2018: equipment

Mobile sandblaster with extraction function.

The length of the hose varies greatly depending on the model. The pallet is between 0.5 meters up to about 5 meters long, However, it should be borne in mind that the hoses in blasting cubicles do not have to be nearly as long as in mobile blasting machines. Often, when working with these specimens but between two to three meters in length is sufficient.

suction function

It is highly recommended to buy a device with integrated suction function. Because these Spotlights catch a part of the resulting dust againso you do not breathe them and may endanger your health.

3.3. Volume of the blasting medium container

The capacity of the shot blaster becomes critical when you often want to process large areas or areas. It is self-explanatory: The size of the bag or tank depends on how long the device is used on a continuous basis.

For working on cars or large steel structures, the container should be at least 30 liters. For smaller jobs such. B. Werzeugteile a bag with 8 to 15 liters volume is sufficient.

3.4. Dimensions

Sandblaster comparison 2018: equipment

Small blasting machines are particularly mobile.

If you decide on a fixed sandblasting system from a manufacturer, the dimensions will continue to be relevant. Most of the supercharged sandblasting machines are between 50 cm and 1.70 m high. The length varies between 50 cm and 1.30 m. There are also different sizes in the depths: here, specimens reach between 40 and 70 cm.

So first find out where you are. For example, you will place the Kärcher sandblasting unit and measure the room before you decide on an offer.

In principle, you should consider: Would you rarely sandblast, so z. For example, if you dusted the best sandblasting equipment from Dental in the basement, you can also hire a sandblaster for occasional use. Furthermore, there is the option to buy sandblasting equipment from Elmag or Dema used to save money.

Sandblaster comparison 2018: equipment

4. Attention, danger of injury!

Sandblaster comparison 2018: comparison

This could be a protective sandblaster mask.

Working with sandblasting equipment from any brand carries risks, especially with mobile sandblasting equipment. Because there are residues of blasting sand in the air: fine dust. Even if you have a sandblaster with suction, you are not completely protected from the fine dust.

In companies sandblasting with quartz sand has been forbidden by the company cooperative.

Because the resulting fine dust can lead to a so-called silicosis - popularly called quartz dust, Other conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis can also occur due to the inhalation of dust.

Therefore: Always wear protective clothing when handling the sandblasting equipment and always wear a protective mask! This is often included.

5. What does Stiftung Warentest say about this topic?

So far, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet performed a sandblasting unit test, so we can not provide you with a sandblaster test winner. However, French partners have already joined the examiner orbital sanders employed. In March 2016, the testing institute wrote:

The test winner Bosch PSS250AE (79 euros) works fast and thoroughly, but Bosch PSS200A (51 euros) is almost on par with it, but it lacks a speed control and Makita BO3711 (90 euros) also achieved good results the long-term test, work quietly and have a vacuum cleaner connection. "

- Stiftung Warentest in issue 03/2017 -

As soon as a sandblaster test follows, we will inform you here.

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