Sand blasting with high-pressure cleaner - is that possible?

If you already have a high-pressure cleaner in the garage, you can also use it for sandblasting. What effect can be achieved with which accessories are needed, and what else you have to pay attention, you can read here.

Effect of sandblasting with the high-pressure cleaner

Basically once goes with the high pressure cleaner only wet jets. This means that the abrasive is added to the water in this case. As a result, the effect is of course much weaker than dry blasting.

Whether it is even possible to remove rust from surfaces will be doubtful in many cases. However, it is worth a try in some cases. In any case, even very stubborn dirt can be removed.

An acquisition can be worthwhile in some cases, if you have the high-pressure cleaner more often in use anyway.

Sandblast essays

Most brand manufacturers offer attachments for many of their high pressure washer models that can also be sandblasted. These essays are technically relatively simple, they usually consist only of a screw-on attachment and a hose for the abrasive.

In terms of price, such attachments are usually in the range of around 70-100 EUR for brand manufacturers, and for some manufacturers they are also cheaper.

Standardized blasting material

However, one should keep in mind that not every blasting material is really suitable for use with the high-pressure cleaner. Many manufacturers have their own grit on offer, which usually has a special grit and is available only from certain materials.

It is widespread because of their highly abrasive effect, especially blast furnace slag. In combination with the high-pressure cleaner, grain sizes of 0.2 to 0.8 mm are usually used, often mixed, in order to achieve better removal.

It should be remembered that the abrasive can not be reused as a rule, and the consumption can be very high without the use of blasting cubicles.

Individual manufacturers offer very high-priced blasting material - often the 25 kg bag costs 30 EUR or even more. Here you should therefore think in advance, where you want to use the high pressure jets, and whether a dry ice cleaning by a service provider is not much more efficient and cheaper. In addition, it saves the dry ice cleaning and the removal of polluted water.

Tips & Tricks

Do not expect too much from sand blasting with the high-pressure cleaner - the use of water greatly reduces the effect of the abrasive, so peeling off will be difficult in most cases.

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