Sandbox scratching - wood protection at play equipment in the garden

Wood protection for playground equipment in the garden - beauty cure for sandbox and Co.

Sandbox scratching - wood protection at play equipment in the garden: equipment

When the long dark season is over and the days get warmer, children can finally spend time in the garden again. Often, however, the sandbox, swing and Co. after the winter are gray and weathered. Time to make the wood "spring ready" in the garden. For the painting of sandboxes and other wooden toys, for example, we recommend Bondex permanent color. It protects the garden wood from the weather and refreshes it decoratively.

The water-based permanent protection paint Protects up to twelve years from sun, rain and wind when properly trimmed. This outstanding resistance to the effects of weather has been confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. The product, which has been awarded the "Blue Angel" seal of approval, is also resistant to saliva and perspiration and, in accordance with DIN / EN 71, Part 3, provides safety for children's toys after drying.

The wood color is particularly suitable for not dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wood parts in the interior and exterior. They are available in twelve high-coverage standard shades of corn yellow, pigeon blue and snow white to spring green or Bornholm red. The shades can be mixed with each other in any color shades. The creativity There are no limits.

So the sandbox is deleted

  1. Prepare the wood surface before painting: To have good adhesion to the subsequent coating, lightly sand down the previous coat of paint. For more severe surface damage, sand down to the raw wood. For the coating, the substrate must be dry, clean, load-bearing and free of grease, oil and wax.
  2. For a straight transition between two shades stick an adhesive strip on the edge.
  3. Stir the permanent color well before use and then apply evenly with a brush.
  4. After every 12 hours of drying, apply two more layers of permanent protection paint.
  5. After a proper triple coating, the TÜV-certified Bondex permanent protection paint protects the garden timbers for up to twelve years against the sun, wind and rain.

Tip: The sandbox wood should be made of resistant, non-bluish wood species, e.g. Pine (heartwood), larch (heartwood), Douglas fir (heartwood) etc. exist. Further useful processing instructions can be found in the manufacturer's technical data sheet (download at

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