Hibernate a sand filter system

Since sand filtration systems filter water and are constructed outdoors in most applications, the cold season is a corresponding problem. The wintering of the sand filter system is therefore important. How to properly overwinter your sand filter system and protect against frost, you will find in the following guide.

Typical applications of sand filter systems

Sand filter systems offer several advantages, which is why they are quite common. In addition, they can be used for different filter requirements:

  • at the swimming pool
  • at the pond
  • for wells
  • for sewage treatment plants
  • for aquariums

When you need to winterize the sand filter system

It is clear from the list that some of the filtering tasks are definitely not performed in protected spaces. This is especially true when used at the pool, fountain or garden pond. Since a sand filter system consists of pipes filled with water, a pump, a returnable valve and of course the filter itself, the risk of capital damage due to frost must be avoided at all costs.

Preparing for the winter

Basically, it is sufficient if you drain the water in time from the entire system. Timely means that the sand in the filter should have enough time to dry, so that it can not come here to a frost damage.

If necessary, first drain the water from the water basin

To do this, drain the water at the drain plug and keep the "lid" of the split filter housing open. If your sand filter system is equipped with a 6-way valve and at the same time also connected to a waste water connection, you can first drain all the water in the pool with a pool.

Additional work depending on use

A well is either covered or the pipeline is packed frost-proof. In contrast, the pond may freeze in most cases, but here, too, the drainage of water may be useful.

The removal of the sand for the winter

Sometimes it happens that the entire sand is removed from the sand filter for wintering of the sand filter system. After all, that's a sure thing, but not really necessary. If the sand is dry in time and can not get wet during the winter, it is sufficient.

Nevertheless, use the used filter sand for as long as possible

But if you want to be sure that nothing can happen, you should at least keep the old sand. Because changing the sand in the sand filter system is only necessary every two to five years, depending on how dirty the water is. So you can save on annual removal of the filter sand at least the annual purchase of new sand.

Tips & Tricks

Because sand filter systems are winterized during the winter, often the manuals disappear without a trace because they are not needed for a long time. Therefore, under "" we have also put together a general manual for sand filter systems for operation. Above all, make sure that the sand filter pump is emptied and winterized in a frost-proof manner, just as the reusable valve must be emptied.

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