Sand-lime brick means soundproofing

Noise can make you sick. In addition, noise prevents people from relaxing in their own home. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to an excellent sound insulation already during the construction of the house. Sand-lime brick is one of the best bricks for the prevention of annoying noise, because the sound insulation of the stone is very good.

Desirable results in the living area

Not only does noise make you sick, it also disturbs your life. Even a normal conversation is already at about 60 decibels, a jackhammer at 100 decibels and a plane even at 150 decibels. Somehow these high levels have to be insulated to the desired level of below 20 decibels in the bedroom. Therefore, the sound insulation of living spaces is also required by law. An effective instrument is the lime-sandstone, because it absorbs a lot of sound due to its high bulk density.

Soundproofing from the beginning

It is particularly important that the sound insulation is already sufficiently planned with the house construction. Soundproofing can only be retrofitted later with a great deal of effort. The high bulk density and the heavy weight of sand-lime bricks or bricks alone can guarantee the necessary shielding against noise.

For example, retrofitted or added elements made of plasterboard, even with a good insulating layer, can hardly reduce the noise.

DIN regulations for sound insulation

In DIN 4109, sound insulation was originally said to be roughly simplified in the case of massive structures, but ignored, since it was assumed that this would be sufficiently ensured. But the requirements for soundproofing have also increased considerably, for example due to the increased traffic on the roads today.

This was also taken into account by the regulations and regulations. The courts have also confirmed these new standards, for example, for the partitions in semi-detached houses as standard.

Sand-lime brick achieves the best values

Wherever good sound insulation is required, sand-lime brick is sufficient even indoors, even with a single-walled wall. The higher the gross density class RDK of the lime-sandstone, the thinner the executed wall can also be in terms of sound insulation.

At the same time, sand-lime brick with a high RDK is also particularly pressure-resistant at the same time. The stone can thus be used as a load-bearing element in home construction even with a very slim wall. For this, a structural engineer can give precise information.

Soundproofing requirements fulfilled

  • Sand-lime brick wall 24 centimeters thick single-shell - RDK 2.0 - as house partition in the duplex allowed
  • Sand-lime brick 17.5 centimeters thick double-shell with intermediate insulation - as a house partition in a semi-detached house
  • Sand-lime brick, 20 centimeters thick - RDK 1,8 - partition wall between flats in multi-family dwelling

Tips & Tricks

Inform yourself comprehensively before placing a construction order. About a fifth of all building disputes revolve around the often neglected topic of sound insulation. Whether the later rented apartment or the partition wall in the duplex, the soundproofing also secures the investment of the house building in the long run.

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