Plaster sand-lime brick - ideal combination

A favorable and proven method for the construction of a solid masonry is the combination of sand-lime brick with an external plaster. The plastered outer shell can later be painted in any desired color. Mineral light plasters and standard plasters are well suited and last long without cracks or spalling on the wall.

Joints close before plastering

Before you can start plastering a limestone wall, careful grouting is necessary. If the joints were not already closed during the wall, this still has to be done. It is also important to ensure sufficient drying of the joints before the plaster can be applied.

Step by step plastering sand-lime brick

  • finished plaster
  • cement
  • sand
  • lime
  • water
  • Maurer board
  • triangular trowel
  • plaster rails
  • trowel
  • trowel
  • bucket
  • Maurer bucket
  • shovel
  • broom
  • Agitator / mixer

1. Clean and prepare

The wall to be plastered must be as dry as possible. In addition, she should be brushed off with a sharp broom really rough. If there are any holes or cracks, you must close them beforehand.

2. Mix plaster

Only mix as much plaster as you can quickly process. After about three quarters of an hour, the plaster no longer adheres properly to the wall. The instructions and the mixing ratio are very important, but you should be careful with the water. Stir until all the pieces have dissolved.

3. Create plaster rail

As a beginner, it is easier if you use cleaning rails. Then you can easily keep the thickness of the plaster layer. However, if you want to achieve a more rustic southern touch in your plaster, the rails are of course not necessary.

4. Apply plaster and rub

From the mason board press the plaster with the trowel against the wall and rub it lightly. If there is enough plaster, you can start rubbing off. Take only small areas and work gradually over the wall.

Tips & Tricks

In the past, bricklayers generally used the same mortar for plastering, which was used to masonry. This is not recommended for sand-lime brick. You should use a mineral light plaster. You will also get good results with a normal plaster. Both are mixed in the hardware store. Only water you have to add. For large areas, it may be worthwhile to mix the plaster itself.

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