Sand-lime brick ensures fire protection

A massive stone wall can withstand a fire for a long time because it is not flammable. Sand-lime brick has a high density class and is also not flammable itself. If solid concrete slabs are additionally pulled in, the building has almost perfect fire protection. Also a special fire wall can be built with lime sandstone.

Wall thickness and fire wall

If sand-lime brick is used, a wall thickness of 11.5 centimeters is sufficient for the erection of a fire wall. But the sand-lime brick must be bricked with mortar and of course must not be connected with adhesives.

Insulating and sealing materials

Thanks to the high fire protection requirements that the sand-lime brick fulfills, even non-mortared butt joints are permitted. Vollfugig must be filled with mortar only the connections to transverse walls.

So that the wall can serve as a fire wall, the insulating materials, must necessarily consist of mineral wool and have a density of 30 kilos per cubic meter. In addition, the melting point of mineral wool must be over 1,000 degrees high. The joints must be closed with a special sealing cord or joint cord. These elements of the wall must be fastened with a thin-bed mortar, by no means should glue be used.


The value of a fire wall can at worst be made obsolete with the wrong equipment of the premises. For example, today steel angles that secure the connection of the ceiling to the fire wall are no longer permitted.

So there are countless tiny details that have to be considered in order to meet the requirements. Many dress up a fire barrier with wood panels, which is also not allowed.

cables and wires

Particular attention should be paid to the laying of power, telephone and television cables. In the sand-lime brick alone, usually no cables may be embedded due to the necessary wall thickness.

Tips & Tricks

Often, extensions, such as a winter garden, require fire protection walls. This also means that in this wall window openings may only be located above a certain height, which must then be additionally glazed with certain glass. Note the specifications for the fire wall meticulously. On the one hand, you have to pay for a dismantling yourself if the specifications of the building authority were not met. On the other hand, you could be held liable in case of fire, even for the damage of the neighbor. Then come personal injury, the sums quickly exceed the value of the house.

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