Build a limestone wall

A sand-lime brick wall can be significantly cheaper than a brick wall - in addition, sand-lime brick has some valuable properties, especially for indoor use. Find out everything worth knowing about the building material and its properties, current offers and important processing instructions.

Background information

Since lime sandstone is mainly produced industrially today, and the manufacturing process consumes significantly less energy, the production of bricks, sand lime bricks are also significantly cheaper in trade. Another cost advantage results from the higher load-bearing capacity and the resulting lower wall thickness and the ability to wall calcium silicate blocks in a thin bed.

For the interior, sand-lime brick is an excellent building material, above all because of its high thermal conductivity and good soundproofing properties. With exterior walls, however, this can be disadvantageous: a high thermal conductivity means here the need for more efficient thermal insulation of the exterior walls - which often leads to higher costs.

Current offers

Sand-lime brickwork
KSR (P) 5 DF - 248 x 150 x 248 mmdomapor.de1,692 EUR / 1,000 pieces
KSL R (P) 6 DF hole planerebay.de1,524 EUR / 1,000 pieces
of stones
KSL 2DF, 240 x 115 x 113 mmdomapor.de431 EUR / 1,000 pieces
Perforated stone 8 DF 11.5 x 50 x 24 cmkalksandstein-discount.de1,68 EUR / piece


If you want to build a solid-wall interior wall made of sand-lime bricks, you should always consult the DIN regulations governing the method of processing. For certain design purposes and load levels, regulations regarding the required minimum wall thickness and the approved stone classes must be observed.

When planning, keep in mind that sand-lime bricks - especially the tiles - are much heavier than bricks. You can still process up to 25 kg by hand, for higher stone weights you should preferably use a so-called laying carriage.

Further information on the topic:

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Pay attention to the stone moisture

With lime sandstone masonry, it is important that the stone does not remove the moisture from the mortar too quickly. This is important to ensure sufficient strength of the wall. If the stones are too dry, you should wet them slightly during the walling so that the mortar can also set well.

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