Kalksandstein Falls buy cheap

Like all special forms of bricks, there are of course lime sandstone lintels. Everything worth knowing can be found here.

Background information

Sand-lime brick is extremely stable to pressure and can usually be produced more cheaply than most bricks. For a fall from limestone, especially for long lengths, often much heavier.

The stable properties of sand-lime brick make it a good building material for indoor use - in outdoor areas it is usually at a disadvantage compared to other building materials because of its comparatively poorer heat qualities.

Current offers

Bricklash 3 DF, 117 x 113 x 1000 mmhoba-baustoffe.com23,74 EUR / running meter
Concrete fall 18 cm, up to 150 cmgoidinger.at12,42 EUR / running meter
Camber for doors or windows
Brick flat, 175 x 71 x 1000 mmhoba-baustoffe.com9,38 EUR / running meter
Sand-lime brick Prefabricated lintel, for wall thickness 11.5 cm, height 250 - 500 mmcirkel.de36,40 EUR / running meter

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

The lintel must project at least 25 cm on both sides of the doors and windows in order to distribute the building load sufficiently to the surrounding walls. The dimensions should already be specified in the blueprint.

Further information on the topic:

  • General standards for falling: LINK

U-shells in long falls

Lime sandstone U-shells can be used for particularly long falls, as well as concrete lintels or beams. There are several possibilities here - for your own wall breakthroughs on long lengths, however, suitable U-shells made of sand-lime brick are also suitable.

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