Cleave sandstone by hand

The sedimentary rock sandstone is split during mining. The structure in layers solidified sand specifies the cleavage direction. The columns themselves are usually used in the context of the processing of stones for a drywall and the creation of art objects.

Texture shows fracture gradients

The splitting of sandstone is done with two working methods. The hand splitting is well possible for blocks up to fifty centimeters thick. With a heavy explosive hammer and different chisels, triangular slits hammered into the gap. With so-called driving wedges and the hammer or a sledgehammer, the stone layer is blasted off.

Instead of a slit as a gap approach can be drilled with a percussion drill approach holes. The harder the sandstone is, the fewer holes need to be set. It is important when setting up and "reading" the stone texture, which indicates potential breakage courses through layering and color change. Breaking against the texture can result in very irregular patches.

Video Board: Trow and Holden Carbide Hand Chisel