Cleaning sandstone slabs has natural limits

Sandstone slabs are a popular flooring in the garden and on terraces. Unlike hard rock, it is resistant to staining despite its resistance to frost. Its porosity creates a strong absorbency, which absorbs water as well as polluting liquids. Therefore, the cleaning effect has limits.

Quartz sandstone is insensitive

If sandstone slabs contain impurities, only the superficially accessible dirt can be removed during cleaning. Liquids of all kinds go deep into the rock and can not be removed. The type of sandstone from which the panels are made determines the susceptibility to soiling, staining and cleanability.

For sandstone slabs, sandstone species are usually chosen whose binder is quartz. This sandstone has the smallest pores, the highest hardness and the strongest abrasion resistance. Depending on the type of processing and consistency, quartz sandstone slabs can also be treated with diluted, acidic cleaning agents. Carbonates or clay or late sandstones should not use an acidic agent.

Prevention and brushing

As with sandstone cleaning in general, predictive dirt avoidance is the best way to clean. Contaminating substances should be removed as quickly as possible from the sandstone slabs and wiped up. When maintaining maintenance of sandstone, all coarse "scratching" dirt particles should be removed.
If the sandstone slabs are located on highly frequented ground surfaces, sealing or, especially in the outdoor area, impregnation should be considered.

Normally, the cleaning of sandstone slabs is done by extensive watering and brushing, for example with a scrubber. The water also softens any existing green growth, which can then be removed with the brush head of the scrubber or in persistent cases with a scrap wood.

Radiation and chemical agents

A thorough cleaning method is sand or dry ice blasting. The high pressure "abrasive" removes stubborn dirt on the surface of the sandstone slabs. However, the jet method is powerless against deeper stains.

The manufacturers of natural stone cleaning products offer special chemical solutions for every type of spot. Not always all the means to all sandstone tiles fit. In case of doubt, a test should first be performed in a hidden place to observe the effect of the agent on the sandstone.

Tips & Tricks

There are natural limits to the cleaning of sandstone. If you appreciate a stain-free floor, you may want to dodge on hard stone slabs.

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