Sandstone staircase needs good care

Sandstone stairs are historic classics, the relatively soft rock, for example, was very popular with lords of the castle. But you do not have to own a castle or a half-timbered house to build a staircase made of rustic material. What qualities does the material possess - and what should it be done to keep it looking good and last a long time?

The properties of sandstone stairs

Since sandstone is a relatively soft sedimentary stone, it is often used as a sculpting material. It is easy to work on and shape, even the exact cut for staircase construction is readily possible.

In addition, sandstone is not nearly as expensive as marble or granite, he has no such noble effect. This rock looks rather rough and rustic, it is often used for garden walls but also for garden paths in a natural look.

Sandstone surfaces tend to attrition and get stained quickly, so they should be well cared for. The material is frost resistant and well suited for outdoor use. Various warm colors are available.

The proper care of a sandstone staircase

As soon as dirt, lichens and mosses settle on the sandstone stairs in the outdoor area, a cleaning is needed. Due to deposits, the staircase not only loses its visual appeal, but can also become really slippery when wet. Our cleaning recommendations:

  • Gentle cleaning with patina effect: Clean the sandstone stairs with mild soapy water and a root brush. With a little effort, the surface becomes much cleaner. Then rinse with clear water.
  • Deep cleaning with abrasion: The high-pressure cleaner makes the sandstone stairs, so to speak, pore-deep clean, but also removes material from the surface. Bear in mind that roughening can cause the next dirt to accumulate even more tightly.
  • Surface finish for cleanliness and smoothness: The sandstone becomes smooth and clean with the sanding machine and fine sandpaper. Grinding is recommended after thorough root brushing followed by a drying process.

Tips & Tricks

Use your pressure washer on the sandstone stair at most once a year - preferably for spring cleaning. So the abrasion is limited.

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