Sandstone mortar: the better alternative

If possible, do not use cement mortar for walling and repairing sandstones - this does not get the sandstone and can quickly lead to damage to the stones. Better here is a special sandstone mortar. What this is and what it can do, where to get it and what it costs you read in this post.

Sandstone mortar has special properties

If you want to use sandstones, you should avoid using cement mortar: on the one hand, it is usually too "hard", on the other hand, it does not have some important properties that are important for building sandstones.

Sandstone needs a "soft", high-quality mortar, which closes the joints watertight on the one hand, so there is no frost damage to the sandstone - on the other hand limescale efflorescence on sandstone should be avoided.

In particular, for redevelopment but if possible a special sandstone mortar should be used - known here is especially the brand Epasit. Together with the sandstone mortar, a special make-up liquid must be used.

The mixing liquid is available in different shades to match the mortar color to the existing sandstone, the colors are coded here by three-digit number combinations.

However, the prices here are in an almost astronomical high range - around 220 EUR you have to expect for this special refurbishment mortar including 5 liters of mixing liquid.

For repair work, it is also worthwhile to have a so-called sandstone hardener at hand. This liquid costs about 50 EUR per liter in the trade.

However, this is too expensive for walling - there are also other alternatives that are in a rather "ordinary" area and are suitable for building.

Possible alternatives to the pure sandstone are

  • soft lime mortar, possibly with added charcoal
  • Lime hydrate mortar, possibly refined with stone powder
  • Trass lime mortar, which is tailored to the required properties

the order is suitable - soft air lime mortar is best suited for natural stone, which also includes sandstone.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Here you also get the special Epasit repair mortar and fixing fluids for sandstone.
  • In the Amazon Baumarkt you can also choose from the many offers for natural stone mortar a suitable mortar
  • An extensive range of natural stone mortar also offers some alternatives to sandstone walling.

That way you can save costs

Repair mortar is always needed where it is about the best possible - and invisible - repairs to valuable old sandstone. If you just want to wall sandstone, you're better off with the alternatives above - most mortars are around 6 - 8 EUR per 25 kg bag.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to get advice from a specialist on your specific project, or get more opinions.

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