Sandstone slabs should be loose or closed

When it comes to grouting sandstone slabs, two opposing opinions often meet. While some want completely closed, crumb-free joints, others prefer loosely grouted or breathable clay without cement. Especially on terraces, the interests diverge.

Loose or tightly closed

On a terrace whose sandstone slabs are laid out, grouting with grout based on cement and / or epoxy resin is possible. The joints are closed and provide weeds no breeding ground. The water drainage must be ensured, since the joints have no water permeability.

If the sandstone slabs lie loosely on a bed, it is advisable to loosely fill them with gravel, grit or sand. This jointing needs to be replenished more frequently and makes "dirt".

As a compromise sandstone can be grouted with trass mortar, as is the case with walls. The breathable mortar protects the sandstone tiles and does not get too hard. Again, the drainage is important.

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