Sandwich roof panels made of metal and rigid foam

Metallic roof cladding is a popular choice, but has the disadvantage that it barely avoids sound from bouncing rain and heat loss. Sandwich roof slabs, also called isoplates, consist of two metal layers, between which a hard foam polyurethane is inserted.

Stable hard foam

The metal, such as aluminum or sheet steel, surrounds a forty to eighty millimeter layer of polyurethane. It provides the insulation properties that the metals lack. The metal shells enclose the hard foam completely and from the outside only a complete metal look is visible.

The hard foam of the roof panels as a sandwich develops despite its low weight a stable and stable body. Together with the shuttering metal sheets, the roof panels are an equivalent alternative to other materials.

Shapes of sheet metal surfaces

The rigid polyurethane foam is applied in foamy consistency on the inner sides of the metal sheets or plates and solidifies by drying out. The flowing and adapting consistency allows the insulation of different profile shapes.

Trapezoidal sheets with larger or smaller tread grooves are widely used, but even corrugated sheets are insulated with rigid foam. In roof tiles in shingle shape, the upper side of the sheet metal shuttering is formed in individual shingles and the bottom usually flat and smooth.

Fire safe and pollutant-free

In principle, all types of metals, from which sheets are made, in sandwich form as shells surrounding the insulation layer. This kind of non-combustible metals is also made of polyurethane foam. Modern manufacturing methods completely dispense with the harmful and banned CFC components.

Suppliers and price factors

  • offers a selection of different colored trapezoidal sheets in sandwich form.
  • offers trapezoidal, wave-shaped and shingles PU foam-insulated roof panel sheets.
  • has specialized in particularly high-insulation roofing panels in sandwich. In addition to polyurethane, styrofoam and mineral wool are also used.

Roof tiles as a sandwich cost from thirty euros per square meter, the price depends mainly on the sheet thickness and type. Roof tiles with aluminum foils as the bottom cladding are cheaper and start from twenty euros.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to integrate light panels in your roof cover, you can purchase insulated products that, however, do not offer a clear view, but resemble skylights made of frosted glass. The roof panels as light panels are made of polycarbonate.

Video Board: Metl-Span® Foam Core Metal Roof Video