Clean tilt windows without opening mechanism

Among the many types of windows that have been installed over the years and decades, unfortunately, there are also models in which the designers have not thought about how to clean the pure tilt windows. If the window does not actually open, only a few tricks will help.

Check folding mechanism

Before anyone plans to clean their tilt window with adventurous ladder or abseil sections, the mechanism of the window opening should be closely examined. Many tilt windows can be opened completely, even if that does not immediately catch your eye.

Pure tilt windows are usually provided with hinged seals on the side. If the window is tilted, the bars can be hung on many models, so that the rectangular window sash can be completely unfolded. It must be ensured that after removing or opening the bolt the sash must be well held so that the hinges do not tear.

Four ideas

If the tilting window can not be unlocked and is completely inaccessible from the outside, the upper opening slit, which is only a few centimeters wide, is often available. In this case, only more or less creative individual solutions offer a remedy.

1. sponge with extension

Look for telescopic extensions in the trade, which lead through several joints "around the corner". Such extensions can be found in the sanitary needs (keyword pipe coils), in the stage technology and by special manufacturers for professional cleaning equipment. The most effective cleaning head is a soft sponge or a mop head.

2. Custom bottle brush

There are still some Bürstenbinder workshops that make a cleaning brush according to your specifications. Consider a brushing system and the shape and length of the brush and handle. According to these values, a brush binder can produce an oversized bottle brush.

3. Dishwashing detergent before rain

Take advantage of the next rain and distribute detergent on the top frame of your tilting window beforehand. Use a branded product and concentrate that has a high self-cleaning effect.

4. Car polishing set

Search under Car Polisher Sets. There are some constructions that can be used as tilt window cleaners.

Tips & Tricks

If your tilt window fouled faster than you can or want to clean it, a window film will help. Apply a milky foil from the inside and visually cover the dirt residue.

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