Sauerkraut plates with asbestos - recognize and remove

With sauerkraut plates wood wool lightweight panels are meant, which have no similarities in color with sauerkraut. Nevertheless, the term has been naturalized because of the long-fiber tangled surface of these plates. These plates are still available today, completely without asbestos. Below you will find out whether asbestos is or is not contained in old wood wool lightweight panels or sauerkraut plates.

HWL plate - Sauerkraut plate - Heraclith plate

Anyone who has ever renovated a house, they certainly knows, the gray building boards made of wood wool and binder. Long-fiber wood wool is processed in these plates with a mineral binder to a solid but very light insulation board.

In the case of Heraclith plates, it is cement and magnesite. Heraklith is actually the name of a manufacturer, from which about 70 percent of all sauerkraut plates come. All four designations are basically the same building board.

  • HWL plate
  • sauerkraut plate
  • Heraklith plate
  • Wood-wool board

intended use

The lightweight boards made of wood wool are used as insulation boards, which are later plastered over. Due to the special cementitious binder, which runs through the entire board, a cement plaster adheres very well to the HWL boards.

Since the wood wool of the panels are completely covered with a layer of cement and magnesite, they can also be used on the outside of the house. However, the plates are particularly popular as a basis for a plastered ceiling or as a cover for sloping walls. The insulating effect of a HWL plate is quite low, but for the plate is extremely light and thus even by a home improvement alone to process.

Heraclith plates do not contain asbestos

The sauerkraut plates or Heraclith plates may look like they might contain asbestos because of their gray color, but you do not even have to worry about older plates: Sauerkraut plates generally do not contain asbestos.

Tips & Tricks

However, asbestos can be found in older buildings e.g. in other lightweight panels, old tile adhesive or as insulation material e.g. be found at night storage heaters. This should be considered during the renovation.

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