Sauna accessories for the home

Basic equipment for the home sauna

Sauna accessories for the home: accessories

If already the Luxury of a private sauna begrudge, should not be saved on the equipment. Many sauna accessories items are already available to match the sauna kit. For others, the additional purchase is worthwhile in any case. We present the most interesting sauna accessories for home.


Sauna accessories for the home: accessories


A hygrometer measures the temperature and relative humidity. In the sauna especially the humidity is the decisive factor for the well-being during the sauna. Pay attention to the heat resistance when buying and a clear, easy to read scale - which may also be read without glasses or contact lenses. For some hygrometers, the measuring mechanism can be adjusted by means of an adjusting bushing.

sauna thermometer

Sauna accessories for the home: home

sauna thermometer

The sauna thermometer is - in contrast to the hygrometer - actually only on the display of the temperature in the sauna. In the classical form The sauna thermometer is made of rustic wood. Eye-catching designer pieces take on the shape of reindeer or trees.


Sauna stays should nDo not last longer than is healthy. To know when it's over, you need a sauna watch. In the simplest form, it is an hourglass, which is usually preset to a running time of 15 minutes. However, some saunas have other durations.

Electric sauna watches look like normal wall clocks - are however heat resistant. There are also variants with radio time setting. Sauna owners, who like to take a nap in the sauna, should definitely buy a sauna clock with alarm function, so that the exit time is not overslept.

Infusion vat and trowel

Sauna accessories for the home: home


For a hearty infusion the sauna needs a high-quality sauna bucket with the matching trowel. The two products are often offered in a set. The nicest are, of course, combinations of untreated wood. Under certain circumstances, the water tub can still be made watertight with a plastic insert. For designer saunas, there are now infusion tubs made of stainless steel or copper.

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