Sauna control - The control center when sauna

Sauna control - The control center when sauna

With the autumn and winter months approaching the cold period. In addition to an increased susceptibility to common cold viruses, we are also often plagued by stressful everyday working life and a dull state of mind. We want to strengthen our immune system as well as give our body and mind a chance to recover. A sauna or steam bath is not only good for the soul. Tensions in the body can be released, the cardiovascular system can be made fit again. Do not forget the soothing effect on our skin. The circulation-promoting sauna bath, including a face cream in the resting phase, makes the skin noticeably fresher. With the sauna, you can easily prevent the risk of cold and increase their well-being in the harsh winter time. Rheumatism patients and the elderly should first consult the doctor, as everyone reacts differently to the sauna heat and the subsequent cooling. If you already have a cold, it is recommended to move the sauna.

The sauna at home: Tips for sauna

Sauna control - The control center when sauna: sauna

Whether sauna stove, plunge pool or complete sauna room, with equipment and technical values ​​of a sauna, there are some details to consider. With the right planning and advice you can realize your own desired sauna well. The dimensions of the room in which the sauna is to stand, suitable electrical connections for electric models of the heater, as well as the performance of the stove are to be considered as frame factors. The ovens are available in different versions and with different heating methods, from the bio combi oven to the popular Finnish sauna heater.

If the sauna is to be used by more than 2 persons, stoves with more power (more than 5 KW) are available depending on the cabin size. Make sure which type of connection (230 or 400 Volt) your sauna needs in accordance with the sauna area in square meters and the number of persons.

A sauna at home but also the commercial sauna should also offer the visitors a nice ambience based on the choice of the right kind of wood, although there are definitely price differences. Decisive for ideal comfort is the choice of the appropriate sauna control unit. Decide for example between a mounted control, which can be mounted inside or on the outer wall, and a hand control.

Sauna control - Functional variety and modern design

From the basic to the setpoint temperature to the optional regulation of humidity from the evaporator in the oven, a good controller gives you many setting options. You can also set the temperature on the heater, but switching outside the heat chamber saves you from entering the sauna and has a safety advantage. The external control with at least one electronic temperature sensor, also called "oven sensor", helps to protect against overheating. If the sauna heater fails, the over-temperature protection is activated and the control unit switches off the sauna heater. In addition to the oven sensor, which should be mounted above the heater, the so-called bench sensor (F-2 sensor) offers additional control.

In a larger sauna, a 2-sensor system works more efficiently because the sauna control via the oven sensor may deactivate the oven before the desired temperature is reached. This is because the temperature above the heater is higher than in other areas of the sauna. If you want to preheat the heat room for your guests in good time, the timer is a helpful control element. Sauna controls can also include digital displays that should show you two possible temperature values; both the currently measured value and the set desired temperature. If the electric oven is to provide more power later, you can resort to a so-called switching load expansion. Switching load extensions with an integrated control for the electric heater can reduce the power of e.g. Increase 18KW to 30 KW.

Such professional accessories should be installed only after consultation with an electrician.
Be sure to use heat-resistant cover material when purchasing the indoor sauna control unit. This protects the technology from the climatic conditions in the sauna. In addition, the various controllers may be suitable for different climatic operation. The scope of functions is rounded off by the optionally available remote start button. This button is connected to the control unit and starts the presetting of the control unit by pressing a button. So it is no longer necessary to go directly to the control unit to start the heating of the sauna.

You will find good advice on the topic of sauna construction and sauna control suitable for your sauna room in the online shop, so that your wellness evening at home is no longer in the way. Whether in retro or touchscreen style, there are model variants for every taste. The service provided by also includes the contact form via Skype Videoconferencing. With a photo or video clip of your sauna site, the installation conditions can be conveniently discussed from home. Convince yourself of the rich product selection and the high-quality material quality of the equipment and sauna cabins.

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