Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home

Save energy in the home - reduce heating costs

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: efficiency

The cost of gas and electricity is increasing day by day. The providers increase their prices almost weekly, because Demand is rising worldwide, but energy sources are becoming scarce. That's why we'd like to give you an overview on how to save energy with a few simple tricks and thus reduce your electricity and gas bill.

Especially when heating can be Save a lot when heating and ventilating. If homeowners and tenants follow just a few of our tips, energy costs can be significantly reduced during the heating season. Often, a modernization of the heating system also pays relatively quickly.

A few basic rules: Do not cover the radiator with curtains or pieces of furniture. Only jet ventilation, instead of window tipping. And when testing just lower the room temperature by one degree - you hardly notice it, but it has long-term effects.

Review: Energy efficiency in buildings 2013

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: home

Architect and construction expert Konrad Fischer, prominent critic of the so-called "energetic renovation", In this snappy review, discusses the "Yearbook Energy Efficiency in Buildings" of 2013. What new "energy saving rates", "bonification" and "premium models" do tenants and homeowners expect after the upcoming election? - And what does it cost each individual, regardless of whether he believes in the effectiveness of the measures?

Tips for heating costs

  1. Let Never cool rooms completely! It is much more expensive to heat a room of zero than to keep it permanently at least 17 degrees! But caution is advised here: a room should never fall below 16 degrees, because this way mold can be favored!
  2. Monitor the room temperature with a thermometer, because The room temperature should never be over 20 degrees! Each degree more can cost up to 6 percent more. It makes sense in this context to heat up only individual rooms. If your thermostats are old and not easy to set up, then you can quickly get new ones. A useful varinte represent there programmable radiator controller.
  3. If your heating system is older than 15 years, you should consider installing a new device. So can Saves up to 40% of energy consumption become. More about this under heating modernization or under heating check.
  4. Ventilate properly! Rather than having windows permanently on fire, you'd better blow up the hour for 5 minutes.
  5. Close at night the shutters and pull the curtains closed, So the warm air stays longer in the apartment.
  6. Damm the wall behind the radiator! This is particularly advantageous for particularly thin outer walls. This is best for a special radiator foil.
  7. Ventilate the heating system regularly and install automatic heating valves!For more information, please vent under heating
  8. Do not use additional electric fan heaters, because they are pure power-hungry!
  9. A regular maintenance of the heating system is inevitable! This way, the reliability of the system is maintained and the energy used is used optimally. More on this under: Heating maintenance: Heating system wait
  10. Besides the annual maintenance, you should too check the water level in the heating every few weeks, If the level is too low, you should top up with heating water as soon as possible.
  11. Create yourself a new new heating pump to reduce heating costs. Read here everything about high-efficiency pumps in particular or generally about heating pumps.
  12. Modern windows ensure that the heat stays in the house and can not escape through leaky or poorly insulated windows.
  13. Do not allow warm water in the shower or bath to drain immediately and do not open the window directly the warm water releases heat. Just open the bathroom door instead of the window and let the heat flow. But here, too, the mold danger is omnipresent.
  14. If you freeze on the couch in the evening, get dressed but just a cuddly warm sweater over it or cover yourself with a blanket instead of raising the heating 2 degrees.

Thermal fleece against cold walls

The best energy saving measures use little if Most energy is lost through cold walls. As a result, the room heats up unevenly and in cool places, such as transitions from ceiling to walls and in window niches, mold can form. A thermal fleece, which can be applied directly to the wallpaper using the wall adhesive technique, ensures even heat distribution and reduces the formation of condensation water. - Another advantage: The thermal fleece is crack-bridging, can be papered with woodchip wallpaper and painted over as desired.

Lower heating costs

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: water

If you more about heating costs would like to learn more, then we have another page with helpful tips for you. Among other things, we show you how to attach elastic insulating wallpaper or reflective foil for radiators or how to insulate roller shutters.

Get here for: save heating costs

Reflective foil for radiators

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: water

To save even more energy, it is worthwhile to install a so-called reflection foil on almost every radiator. These Aluminum coated foil is attached to the wall behind the radiator. This prevents the radiator no longer warms the wall behind it (usually also an outer wall). Through the film, the heat is blasted back into the respective boiler room. Such a purchase of just under 5 euros is profitable after a very short time.

Save on hot water and water consumption

How to save (warm) water

In the bathroom:

  1. Even if you love to spend hours in the bathtub, you should think twice, not oftenshower to use. Here you consume only between 50 and 80 liters of water, instead of 150 to 200 liters.
  2. With aSaving shower head Like a water-saving shower head with a massage jet, you can save 50 percent more.
  3. Do you have aSaving button on the toilet flush? Then try to get used to using them too!
  4. useZahnputzbecherinstead of rinsing your mouth with running water!
    As you can also save water at the sink, you can see here: Up to 40% savings on the sink
  5. Do you have a urinal in the bathroom? If so, have you ever thought about one?dry urinalconvert?
    What advantages dry urinals have over traditional pissoires can be found here: Waterless urinal: urinals without water
  6. Repairdripping taps immediately, because otherwise disappear up to 6 liters a day meaningless in the drain.
    How it works, you can see here: Faucet dripping - change gasket and save water

Save water in the kitchen:

  1. Only start the dishwasher or the washing machine when it is completely full and, if available, use thatausterity program (25% savings)!
  2. If you have onewater heater at home, then inform yourself under Boiler, hot water tank and hot water boiler.
  3. Do not use warm water for pre-washing dirty dishes. Dispose of coarse food particles directly in the organic waste and rinse the plates briefly under cold water. The dishwasher will do the rest.
  4. Always rinse withPlug and never under running water!

Save electricity: reduce electricity costs

Save electricity

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: efficiency

Save electricity

In the kitchen:

  1. Cook always with lid or with a pressure cooker! Otherwise, too much air escapes and you waste energy.
  2. Make sure Always pots on a plate of the same size and make sure that the pot has a flat bottom.
  3. Always cook with as little water as possible. With pasta, rice or vegetables, it is enough if it is so just covered with water is.
  4. Make sure never have hot food in the fridge! It could form ice and the refrigerator needs too much power to maintain the original temperature.
  5. Let them Refrigerator door never open too long!


  1. Use as long as it goes the daylight!
  2. White walls and bright lampshades amplify the rays of light.
  3. Use energy-saving lamps, LEDs or fluorescent lamps! This also relieves the burden on the environment.
    With theCost calculator for bulbsYou can easily determine the advantages of a light source in terms of total cost (electricity and acquisition costs).
  4. Avoid a "holiday lighting". Adjust the light intensity over and over again to your current activity and switch off lamps as soon as they are no longer needed.

Electrical appliances:

  1. Leave devices not permanently in standby mode. Even if the TV, computer or stereo system consumes only a few watts of power, the consumption adds up to the end of the year.
  2. switch especially the monitor Your PC always off. This way, you can avoid a power consumption of several thousand watts per year.
  3. Connect all electrical appliancesPower strips with switchon, so that all devices can be completely disconnected from the mains

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: efficiency

Decentralized hot water supply

A decentralized hot water supply with a suitable instantaneous water heater can significantly reduce energy consumption. Find out about the topic with our article planning hot water supply via app.

Save energy: tips for more energy efficiency in the home: efficiency

roof insulation


Extreme important for low energy consumption is a good insulation of the walls and the roof, often called insulation. This reduces heat loss to a colder environment. We will show you how to proceed to reduce the passage of heat energy.

Get to: Roof insulation from the inside or roof insulation from outside or to: External thermal insulation systems for facades

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