Save electricity with a power meter

Save electricity with a power meter: power

With smart meters, consumers always have an overview of theirselectricity costs, But even without counter exchange energy guzzlers can be unmasked. There are handy ones for thatMeasuring devicethat are simply plugged into the socket.

Consumers can protect themselves against unexpectedly high electricity back payments and save energy more easily. In addition to novel smart electricity meters often the use ofElectricity meterswhich are connected to individual devices. They show the power consumption in cents and kilowatt hours. An occasional check is especially recommended for endurance runners such as the refrigerator. Good measuring devices that identify the power guzzlers in the household and also theStand-by consumption determine correctly, there are from 40 euros or on loan against a deposit with consumer centers, electricity suppliers or in hardware stores. The only drawback: Permanently installed devices can not be detected due to a lack of plugs with the handsets.

Electricity costs over the Internet

In the future, so-calledintelligent electricity meter significantly improve the measuring possibilities. The data from the electronic meters will be used by energy suppliers to provide their customers with information on the futureInternet portal provide. Users can get a second-precise overview of their power consumption on the home PC and get information about how manykilowatt hours Consume a refrigerator, TV or aquarium. This raises awareness of electricity consumption. For example, consumers can recognize whatStandby circuits cost by disconnecting devices from the network.

Introduction of new tariffs from 2011

Your full savings But the new meters will not show before 2011. Then the electricity providers have to introduce time-based or energy-based tariffs. Consumers will then be able to program their washing machine or dishwasher so that they do not start until theElectricity price particularly low is.

Offer for technology enthusiasts

The first electricity provider nationwideintelligent electricity meter and offers savings rates in low-load times, Yello is electricity. The installation of the meter costs 79 euros, the monthly fee varies depending on where you live between four and nine euros. Currently, this offer is mainly fortechnophilesinteresting, who want to familiarize themselves with the new possibilities as early as possible. For really noticeablesavings The tariff is still considered too expensive.

From next January, smart meters will be in new buildings as well as large onesRenovations Mandatory. The problem, however, is that many consumers can only adapt their electricity use to the low tariffs. Who in onetenement lives, the washing machine can not just spin at night. Moreover, there is still no clear legal regulation for dealing with the electronically collected sensitive oneshousehold data.

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