Sharpen the saw blade - does it make sense?

Again and again, the question arises whether sharpening of saw blades is worthwhile or not. Where this can be worthwhile, what you should pay attention to, and what you can do yourself, read this post.

Sharpening services

Sharpening services are available in many places. The prices can be significantly different. Online sharpening services are now also very numerous.

Another possibility would be to give the saw blades to a craft workshop, which can also be sharpened (such as a joinery). In this case, you can then benefit from the cheaper prices, which usually receives such an operation because of the accumulating amount.

Some hardware stores, such as Obi, also have their own sharpening service. Here professional and often very cost effective work.

additional services

Often also other services are offered:

  • Remove deposits from the saw blade
  • Correct the teeth, replace the teeth at breakout
  • sometimes also: change of the teeth or the tooth distances

Saws for sharpening

In principle, all saws can be sharpened. Carbide saw blades can also be sharpened with a suitable tool. Circular saw blades and saw chains of the chain saw are sharpened more frequently.

Sharpening or buying new?

A new purchase is not worthwhile in all cases - often re-sharpening is cheaper. This always depends on the prices of the respective tool grinding, but also on the price of the respective saw blade.

Some circular saw blades are so cheap (in part from 7 EUR) that a re-grinding would be worthwhile in any case. Some saw blades can also be purchased in multiple packs

Sharpen it yourself

For saw chains, self-sharpening is usually worthwhile - it can be sharpened 5-10 times before the chain has to be replaced. Sharpening devices are available for about 25 EUR in the trade.

Even with circular saw blades, a professional sharpening device - also worth around 20 - 25 EUR in retail - can definitely be worthwhile. All required values ​​can be set, the sharpening result is relatively good.

Carbide-tipped saw blades will usually have to be sharpened - self-sharpening is still possible with diamond files, but not always successful.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to sharpen yourself, in addition to the appropriate files for the saw, you will need a file and a pair of pliers to achieve a good result. Always calculate whether this is really worthwhile for you.

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