Sharpen saw blade - what price do you have to expect?

For many tools, of course, the question arises whether sharpening is actually worthwhile. Which prices you have to expect, if you bring sharpening blades for sharpening, and what are the price differences, you will learn in this post.

Sharpening services

The sharpening of saw blades is done by many different service providers:

  • traditional tool grinding shops
  • Online Machine Shops
  • DIY stores (at least some DIY stores have their own sharpening service)
  • private providers in online auction houses

In addition to grinding, other services are often offered - such as repairing a saw blade when teeth have broken or removing debris. Even a change in the number of teeth can sometimes be made.


The prices can vary greatly. Traditional tool grinding shops often require even more for grinding a circular saw blade than would cost a new one. Prices of 20 - 30 EUR for grinding are quite possible.

Even with online grinders, prices are often quite high, depending on the number of teeth on the saw blade. There are offers between 8 and 10 EUR for a circular saw blade, however (plus the shipping costs, usually return).

Even with grinding on site you have to include the costs (travel costs) for bringing and picking always, in addition sometimes the time required.

Price differences

In some cases, prices are also calculated on a different basis - for example, per tooth of the saw blade (about 0.15 EUR per tooth, if so calculated). This also explains the price differences when looping different saw blades

Reasons for the price

Professional grinders are very expensive (some units cost almost 200,000 EUR). The grinding wheels used for grinding are usually diamond wheels, which are also very expensive, and wear out over time.

Sharpen it yourself

Especially with circular saw blades and especially with saw chains the circular saw is worth the self-sharpening. Corresponding sharpening devices for around 25 EUR each ensure a professional and exact result, so you can do little wrong even as a layman.

However, with other saw blades and manual filing, the risk of causing damage through ignorance is often high. It must be kept angle, it must also be restricted and trained. Read more in this post

Tips & Tricks

The leaf quality can be very different, and is often not given in "cheap" saw blades. If you use expensive, high-quality leaves, sharpening can be worthwhile in some cases, if you are otherwise satisfied with the leaves and their performance.

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