Sawmilling - what does that mean?

The sawing must be occasionally restricted, is not known to everyone. What "cabinets" mean, what they serve, and why you sometimes have to cut your saws is explained in this post. In addition, which tools you need and whether you can do the cabinets yourself.

Cabinets of saws

Saws sometimes have to be restricted. This means in the jargon that apart of bending the individual teeth of the saw. One tooth is bent to the left, the other slightly to the right.

Sense of cabinet

Cutter sawing is performed to make the saw cut wider than the saw blade. This is necessary because otherwise the saw could get stuck in the workpiece.

Cabinet widths and cabinet depths

Usually is always limited by one and a half times the blade thickness. This means that the thicker the saw blade, the further the teeth are laterally set. Even the 1.7 times the saw blade thickness is sometimes used as a Schränkmaß. Too large cabinet widths make the saw run poorly.

The "cabinet" also depends on the material being processed. The more wet wood you saw, the bigger the cabinet will be. Importance but only if you sawn firewood.

The cabinet depth is usually one third of the tooth height, often half. More must not be confined because the teeth of the saw could otherwise break.

Uniformity in cabinets

The width must be exactly the same for all teeth and in both directions, otherwise the saw will "pull" to one side. This leads to increased wear and unclean cuts. In addition, the sawing effect is reduced.

Tools for cabinets

Saws can be set either with hammer and anvil or with a so-called cabinet iron - but both are not recommended. In general, so-called Schränkzangen are used, which allow a very uniform cabinets.

Pliers are available for different tooth pitches. English measurements are usually used here (TPI = Teeth per inch). A small conversion table can be found below

TPI (teeth per inch)metric tooth pitch (mm)

A pair of pliers ensures that the setting is completely uniform. The saw must be machined from both sides. In the specialized trade you get Schränkzangen starting from approximately 25 EUR. Higher-quality models often also have an integrated magnifying glass, especially with fine-toothed pliers.

Make cabinets yourself

You can easily do the cabinets yourself if you have the right tools. After several sharpening sessions, a saw blade has to be repeatedly squeezed - this also applies to the circular saw, which also has to be set.

Tips & Tricks

With calipers, you can only handle small handsaws. For example, the cabinet band saws have their own cupboards. Read more about it in the corresponding article.

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